Winnipeg’s First Playoff series in 2 Decades


By The Beacon

Tonight, Winnipeg will host its first NHL playoff game in 19 years. They face off against the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim in game 3, and I guarantee that building will be insane. Jets 2.0 are down in the series and this home game should help boost their performance. 

Thing is, the  Ducks are a strong team. There is only one way to beat them tonight, and that’s to pull a move from the Ducks own playbook. The Winnipeg Jets have to come out in their retro unis. It worked for the ducks in D2 The mighty ducks. It means it can definitely work against them too. Think about it. This could be the biggest event in the post season. The Jets coming out in their retro unis led by Teemu himself. 

This straight up needs to happen. Shove their game right back at them and shove it down Gordon Bombays throat.

Where Is Kane?

By Trapp


New Winnipeg Jets Head Coach Paul Maurice broke the news today that the High Speed Aeronautic Attack Vehicles forward Evander Kane will be “out until after Olympic Break”

Shit ton of trade rumors circulatin Kaner in the last two weeks

Maybe he just needs some time off get a couple drinks and clear the head.

Hopefully shit don’t get too outta hand over the Olympic Break where you got Pauly M askin his players


By Trapp

Last night 10/28/13 marked a special night in hockey. Lindy Ruff now the coach of the Dallas Stars played his first game in Buffalo as an opposing coach for the first time in 14 years. That’s pretty special stuff to coach a team for that long, it’s unfortunate the yug never got to win the Stanley Cup all those years in BuffNation. Also in that game tonight was the debut of Matt Moulson who was acquired yesterday by the Buffalo Sabres from the New York Islanders in exchange for Thomas Vanek. Islanders gave up a good amount to get him so hopefully it pays off for them. Matt Moulson was a well liked guy in that lockerroom, let’s see how this affects the team and overall his dude Johnny Tavs.

7777136-300x3948-3-11 Matt Moulson signing 020
Moulson scored two damn goals in his debut for Buff tonight. Doesn’t really matter because he’ll be dealt at the deadline, maybe even sooner.

Tonight was also the home opener for the New York Rangers against the Montreal Canadiens. This comes after a 9 game road trip which was pretty much a nightmare for the team and fans. After the first period I gave the edge to the Rangers but the officiating took over the game for a couple questionable calls. Won’t get into great detail but apparently Brian Boyle should’ve just allowed the opposing player to skate gingerly through the neutral zone instead of bodying him up? And also Chris Kreider shouldn’t make attempts to stay onside just go offside? Regardless the Rangers ended up losing the game 2-0.

In other news: Chicago beat the shit out of Minnesota again, Canucks won, Saku Koivu probably has a concussion after the Brandon DubDub hit which was clean by the way, Robbie Scuds has a broken ankle and will miss a shit ton of time from the Penguin lineup, Hanzal is suspended again, Vanek will play for the Islanders tonight and Carl Hagelin will play for the Rangers tonight.

Tonight’s games:

That’s Right, And It’s The Choice Of A New Generation



Did Byfuglien Do Acid That Night?

By Trapp



Straight up. Is Dustin Byfuglien braindead?

There’s just so much stupidity in this video. Buff, you’re an idiot if you’re unaware of your strength. You’re known for shooting 100 miles per hour. You thought it would be a bright idea to unload a slapshot from the blue line at an open net taking a chance at hitting some of your OWN teammates for the empty net goal and somehow didn’t castrate Alex Steen with the block and then when the play is now turned the other way for a breakaway for St. Louis in the dying seconds of the game you swing your stick at Andy McDonald with one hand like Double D Lewis with a tomahawk from the Last of the Mohicans and hit McDonald on the skull/side of the ear, a guy who had a history of numerous concussions who now in 2013 is retired from the game of hockey in his mid thirties?

Dustin Byfuglien is FAT….like 300 Pounds Fat.



By Doud

This from the Winnipeg Free Press: It was evident Byfuglien grew heavier this season as the games moved on and according to accredited Jets blogger Pete Tessier, the player’s weight rose to 302 pounds by season’s end.
If there’s any truth to this number, Byfuglien is virtually untradeable. Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff can’t engage in trade talks with another GM and keep Byfuglien’s weight off the table until the very end — then hit his colleague with an, “oh, by the way, Buff’s a little big right now.”

Uh bro fuckin 300? Maaaaan fat abbot you need to lose weight. How do you get heavier as the season progresses? Legit makes no sense. Better shape it up son diabetes is right around the corner.