The Curious Case of Benjamin Bishop

by Trapp 

Con Jooper keeps making jokes like the shmuck he is “Hey come on he’s 6’7 it takes a long time for him to get up!” That shit isn’t really fooling anybody dude. You had 20 year old Vasilevskiy in for game 4 and was most likely shitting his pants. I personally don’t think Chicago tested him enough and it was also the worst game the Blackhawks played in the post season this year. 

Point is, there is alot of annoying speculation as to what’s wrong with Benjamin. 

Aftermath of Saad driving the net and colliding with Bishop.

Game 2 he leaves the net, comes back, leaves the net and yada yada yada fuckin circus act. A lot of people on Twitter were sharing what they think is the issue with Bishop and a lot of people chirped him for bein soft. Luongo tweeted that it could be diarrhea. I’m gonna rule that one out though even though it’s hilarious. Doud suggested to Puck Daddy and was mentioned on their podcast that it was actually Jean Claude Van Damme escaping henchmen like in Sudden Death.

I won’t rule that one out because I pray to Christ that happened in game 2 and/or has happened before period. But at the end of the day Benjamin Bish is probably dealing with a hip or groin issue. He did not partake in today’s practice and there have been multiple updates within like 20 minutes saying he’s “uncertain” for game 5 and one that he’s “hopeful” and getting better each day. This shit’s getting annoying. Which one is it? Suck it up Ben. I hope you do play tomorrow night and there are endless chirps around the net and between plays from the Hawks directed toward you. 

You won’t be the first Benjamin disliked mightily by the people of Chicago. 

That’s Right, And It’s The Choice Of A New Generation



Did This When I Woke Up This Morning Remembering That Tonight Is The Night

By Trapp

RANGERS VS DEVILS at MSG WEST. The Devils and Rangers will both be playing their first preseason games and as a Ranger fan I couldn’t be happier it’s the Devils. Any time these two teams meet no matter what, it’s an awesome game, even if it’s pre season.


I was at this game…Rangers won

The game where I thought Matt Gilroy wasn’t useless…That changed

Be nice to still have ‘Rik

Although this next video isn’t pre season footage, it’s still one of the greatest things I’ve seen to start in the opening seconds of a hockey game.

Doud’s goin to the game tonight with our buddy ScarJar. Puckdrop will be at 7:00PM tonight EST at ‘The Rock’ in Newark. You couldn’t pay me to go there. Should be an exciting game for both teams. Alain Vigneault’s first game as a the Ranger’s coach tonight and it is Corey Schneider’s first game as the Devil’s goaltender tonight. Even though I love watching Jagr play, I’m glad he’s not in the ‘nup tonight because it straight up it kills me that he’s wearing the Devil’s colors in his most likely final season, but that’s a different story for some other time. Enjoy the game and GET IT.

And It’s The Choice Of A New Generation

By Trapp

Have a look-see at just a few of the names among the 2013 UFAs.
ufa 2013

Bryz is bought out. Mumbling of Danny Briere gettin bought out too. It’s gonna be interesting to see what other teams are gonna exercise that amnestyville horror shit this summer. The draft should be sweet. UFA July 5th should be sweet. Wish it was on July 4th just so I can watch that and Independence Day and see Bill Pullman’s remarkable performance as the President. Here’s one of his “should’ve been nominated for an oscar scenes”:

Anyway. It would be remarkable if contract negotiations in the NHL legit took place like this: