The Sedin Twins Played A Game Of Horse Yesterday And It Makes Me Feel Better About My Life 

by Trapp

For me to really elaborate on this would give me such a migraine and I’m not looking to get into that today. This fuckin New Jersey heat is bad enough. These two are so awkwardly bad I was just laughing the whole time watching it. 

Here’s a picture of them playing soccer. Wish there was video footage of this.

If their game of horse wasn’t orchestrated this way then they are complete failures:

Tonight’s Schedule and Fike Misher


By Trapp

Possible series clinchers tonight with Chicago and Calgary. Going to be another very exciting night of playoff hockey. 

Nashville’s only hope is if Carrie Underwood is present tonight. Also Fike Misher is in the same category as Dan Girardi for strong as fuck faces. 


Gib waj.

This Canuck Fan is the Best Shin Kicker On Earth


By Doud

Should it be much of a surprise that someone who likely took part in probably the largest city wide riot in the last few years arose victorious recently in the time honored craft of shin kicking?

Life is literally that frustrating for the Canucks that Tortorella has driven the Van City population to travel to the other side of the planet to kick the Christ outta people’s shins. Probably how the Sedins feel after a season of pointlessly blocking shots for Johnny T.

PS I guarantee I could dethrone the champ

Well This Looks Like the End For Johnny’s Canucks

By Trapp

VanCity has played real bad all season and now I don’t even know what to make of this team other than trading Luongo was an end of an era and a tell tale sign of a rebuild in the Van.


Let’s sum up Vancouver’s season in one night and it happens to very recent: Last night the Islanders scored 7 goals in the third period and beat the Canucks on home ice with a 7-4 final score.


Pretty much what’s goin on

At The Moment, Bobby Lou and Tim Tom are Teammates


By Doud

Luongo takes his talents back to South Beach where him and Tom can pump each others tires left and right. It’s not likely now that rob’s been acquired but I hope to god Florida keeps them both for the pure comedic value of it all. I hope they greet each other with air pumps in the locker room and/or new sets of tires.

P.S. nice helmets Tom, everybody hates you:





By Trapp


Big Hoss can pretty much say “the last 24 hours have been really exciting…”

Two goals last night in the OT loss to Calgary and he’s already got a goal tonight against Torts-less Canucks. The yugs gettin older now at the age of 35 but it doesn’t matter. Every shift Hossa is out there he is effective.

51 games played this season, 23 goals and 22 assists is pretty damn solid for a yug who’s 35. He’s quietly closing in on 1,000 points as he sits with 980…

Knibb High Football Rules.

Apparently Sergio Momesso’s Restaurant is Really Good

By Trapp

As a kid I only remember him because he played for the Canucks in 1994 when they lost to the Rangers in the cup. I don’t give a squirt of piss about his impact on the game of hockey but his impact to the sub world is nothing short of stellar.

The guy’s got a restaurant in Montreal called Momesso Restaurant


The place looks like an absolute shit hole but I love subs and sandwiches and when I go back to Montreal in May, I’m gonna stop at this place. Here’s a review by some guy:

On Montreal Restaurant Momesso’s Chef Deck Says:
Sergio Momesso might not have been the best Montreal hockey player in the world but his legacy lives on through his faultless sub. In my humble opinion Momesso’s Restaurant has by far the greatest Montreal sub I ever tasted. I have only ever experienced their sausage sub, because once you go spicy sausage, you can never go back. The meat is so succulent, the spice is just right, the bread has the ideal crisp, and the coleslaw brings together the medley of perfection. I’m also smitten with their onion rings which add to the overall utopia of flavors. So to finish if you or anyone out there wants a real legacy (not a commercial Wayne Gretzky one) stuff that sausage and that sausage will stuff you!


Utopia of flavors the guy says, good




Apparently Momesso looks like John Lovitz now.


That’s Right, And It’s The Choice Of A New Generation