Kessel Could Be The Worst Human Being Alive

By Trapp


I don’t care what anyone says I really don’t. This guy is as soft as baby shit and he’s a borderline creep. Actually take borderline outta the equation and let’s just go with he’s a fuckin creep. He looks like Johnny’s friend from the Karate Kid who announced at the tournament in the dojo that they should put Laruso in a body bag. NOBODY TALKS SHIT ABOUT RALPH MACCHIO.


Moving on….

I’m gonna start off with this video

That’s Kessel from the Karate Kid, God he sucks

Here’s Kessel being just super awkward..probably drinkin All-Sport

I straight up typed in ‘kessel awkward’ on youtube and sure enough this one popped up and so did this next one…

Yup, that’s it. Bro you’re terrible.

This next one is the reason why I proclaimed that he’s as soft as baby shit. Yeah you got John Scott comin after you, but…defend yourself. Don’t shy away and swing at him with your stick and hit him like a baseball, then you low blow him by him doin it to Scott while he’s down?

Crosby at least defends himself. I hope you don’t make team USA.

Also, stop doin the candycane tape job to your sticks…kids did that when they were like 8.

PLAN THE PARADE!…Wait, Maple Leafs President Already Did..

Tim Leiweke

By Doud

Soooooooo new MLSE President Tim Leiweke is either a genius or an idiot. Apparently he took all those jokes tossed the Maple Leafs’ way pretty literally when someone said “plan the parade!” Dude literally did that. I’m sure there was someone on sport talk radio in Toronto that uttered the phrase when the news came down that Tim was hired, and he I guess took that literally as if it was a function of his job.
Kinda gotta admire the brazen of this guy, fans have been mocking the Leafs forever after every signing or trade they make by sayin ‘plan the parade” and he did just that. Balls. Well played.

Hey Boston:

By Doud

Seriously though. But really with that ending. I swear I’ve seen a lotta shit in my time but DAMN. Not sure if I’ve ever seen the Cup legit stolen like that. Unreal. Bruins are basically “HEY HONEY I’M WINNING I’M WINNING..AND I’M DEAD.”
Toronto commin in HOT:
Fuckin karma bro.