At The Moment, Bobby Lou and Tim Tom are Teammates


By Doud

Luongo takes his talents back to South Beach where him and Tom can pump each others tires left and right. It’s not likely now that rob’s been acquired but I hope to god Florida keeps them both for the pure comedic value of it all. I hope they greet each other with air pumps in the locker room and/or new sets of tires.

P.S. nice helmets Tom, everybody hates you:




Tim Tom Takes His talents To South Beach

by Doud

So Tim Thomas is apparently awakening from his year long hibernation spent in Colorado where he likely was the real life incarnation of Yukon Cornelieus straigh up lumberjackin and shit. Dude is 39 and hasn’t been on the ice in a year so goin to a shit team like the Panthers is probably ideal where it won’t matter when he inevitably sucks. Also there’s no chance Florida’s anywhere near close to potentially scheduling a White House celebratory visit anytime soon so that probably factored into his decision.

Good Chance Tim Tom D Blocked Bobby Lou’s Tires


FF to 4:45

By Doud
Luongo tweeted this pic of his car yesterday. 70000% chance this was done by Tim Thomas right?
Tim Tom wants back into the NHL. Best way to get a team’s attention? Make sure they know for SURE that he won’t be pumping anyone’s tires, in fact FUCK TIRES.
Your move Luongo, Your move…

Vinny Lecav in Philly For 5 Years Is Probably a Good Idea

By Doud

Flyers made a huge move to shore up their defense and actually shut down opposing attacks yesterday by signing recently bought out Tampa star Vinny Lecavalier….wait, hes not a shut down defenseman? Or a goaltender actually capable of making big saves? He doesn’t address the Flyers’ real needs?
Par for the course. Way to give a big FIVE YEAR DEAL…I’ll say it again, F I V E YEAR DEAL to a 33 year old center who is old for 33. True that they now have a formidable and very French 1-2 at center with Vinny behind Giroux but Philly’s startin to resemble a poor man’s Pittsburgh with no D or ‘tending.
Keep it up Paul, PLEASE go sign Tim Tom to attetmpt to guard your cage so i can laugh some more.