It’s Good ‘ZZA TOO!

By Trapp

When my brother and I were growin up we collected hockey cards and had like 18 binders filled with them. We have some really sweet cards but we also have some really bad ones. But I have never in my life come across a card this remarkable in my entire existence:

grier-frontbright- (1)


He’s in his Oilers uni so it musta been taken in like 1997 or something. He’s straight up sitting on Red Forman’s couch. He’s clearly in the locker room. He’s wearing a shitty watch on his right wrist. He has a slice of pizza in his left hand.


Johnny Toews 1000% Watched Three Ninjas As Much As I Did

By Trapp

photo (2)

Jonathan Toews doin a sweet ass high kick into his pool. He was probably like borderline 5. He seems real determined and got some air.

Below is a picture of myself doing a high kick at my brother’s wedding and still holding my beer I’d like to mention.

photo (3)

This picture is the winner of them all. My buddy Brian Dolan did a high kick SO damn high he kicked the tile on his ceiling…


Also when this happened, Barenaked Ladies “It’s All Been Done” was blasting.