Zuccarello Could’ve Been Mistaken for Rufio During Bantam Hockey

by Trapp

For all we know that picture was taken when he came to the Rangers in 2011. But I’m gonna go with my instincts and assume that was taken when he was playing Bantam hockey in Oslo. Just look at that fuckin hair. It’s got Lost Boys written all over it, particularly Rufio.
We’ve seen how gritty and feisty the yug plays so we all know he can fight. Just gotta start wondering if he can fly and crow. 


By Trapp


Brian Elliot of the St. Louis Blues. Not bad man not bad. Because you know his last name is Elliot…

Best part of this movie is when the older brother comes home from football practice and he’s lookin through the fridge and he goes “Nothin but health shit!” which I say every time I’m browsin through my fridge.