Good Chance Stammer is Wolverine


By Doud

Guy shatters his ankle on the 12th, has surgery, and here we are on the 25th and Stammer’s straight up walkin around like nothing happened. That’s not how humans operate sans HGH, i know from experience dude. So how bout you just come clean bro and tell us that you’re an x-man. Not the drug dealer kind, the mutant kind. You 7000% chill with professor Xavier and have a crush on Jean Gray. You haven’t won Stanley but you were created by Stan Lee. Don’t bullshit me bro I know your ways.

Stammer Breaks Ankle



By Doud

Gruesome. Never a good sight to see the game’s shining stars carried off on a stretcher. I had my tibia and fibula blown up when I was 15 in similar fashion so I suspected the worst while watching live today. Surgery/morphine was actually pretty fun but chillin on the beach with my leg in a cast wasn’t such a hot look. Safe to say Stammer will be hittin the Florida beaches with his foot wrapped up like a friggen gordita for the next few months while the Lightning quickly slip down from the top of the eastern standings.

P.S. I won MVP honors the following season so I’ll just go ahead and put my money on Steve to do the same in 2014-’15, he was already on pace for capturing the Hart this season before today.