Crawford Promises He Wouldn’t Swear at Cup Parade, Swears at Cup Parade.

By Doud

Chicago Tribune: “I’m going to try to be a little more professional,” Crawford said. “I owe it to all the mothers in the crowd.”

However, moms still might want to be on guard. When told Sharp suggested getting him a muzzle, Crawford said: “That’s probably a pretty (expletive) good idea.”

Man of his word.

But really though, fuck the moms.  Cup champs do and say as they please.


Patrick Kane Was In A Turgeon Card Like 20 Years Ago

by Trapp


Throughout this damn kid’s NHL career, when he’s on the ice, he’s in the right place at the right time. Like, all the time. Take a look at some of these highlights.

2010 – scores Stanley Cup winning goal in overtime

2013 – scores series hattrick/winning goal to advance to Stanley Cup finals

2015 – scores goal to give team 2-0 in Stanley Cup winning game

The kid’s a gamer and he’s now 3 time cup champion. Clutch performer, flare for the dramatics. The kid can do it all, he even chose the perfect night to get glass seats with Pat Sr., because he’s in a goddamn Pierre Turgeon card. Right place at the right time, all the time. 

Kimmo Says Kiss My Ass, I Won And Now I’m Retiring

By Trapp


Fantastic fuckin Finnish calling it a career. He had already made this decision that this was gonna be his final season regardless of winnin the Cup or not. Missed pretty much the whole damn season from a serious injury with blood clots. That’s some scary shit. He got cleared, trained, threw some weight around got in game shape. Stan makes a deal at the deadline and Kimmo leaves that joke of a team from the City of Brotherly Love and is now headin to a perrenial Cup contending team. 

It was a story book ending for this guy who had won at every level but never a Stanley Cup. Ironic enough his only appearance in a Cup final prior to this one was with Philadelphia when the Blackhawks beat them in six games in 2010. Well that shit’s history and now Timmonen is a part of history. He will get his name engraved on the Stanley Cup and be part of a remarkable team.  Fuckin GET IT.


Hossa in the background doin the Tusken Raider..

Shaw Ain’t About Multiple Trips; Get Enough Beer For Entire Team In One Shot

 By Trapp


Rocky Wirtz is seen here giving an interview and Andrew Shaw is seen here as well. Goes to show you how good of a teammate Shaw really is by how many fuckin beers he’s carrying out onto the ice. I mean they could also all just be for him but whatever. Remarkable photo and it was just an overall awesome game to watch. 

Todd’s Gotta Get A New Boj

By Trapp

After never winning a Stanley Cup with the best team in league forever and missing the post season for the first time in God knows how long the inevitable happened: Woug Dilson will have a new coach behind the bench for the San Jose Sharks when next season starts.

It was deemed as a “mutual parting”. Whatever, he got fired pretty much. Todd lost the lockerroom. He didn’t like misplace it or anything, his players just kinda said fuck you after a while. Without naming names Thoe Jornton as well as Logan. Top yugs speakin out about their distaste for how shit’s goin.

Anyway Todd’s a really really good coach. He won Stan with Detroit and Cockbab as an assistant coach in 2008. Shortly after that feat he was hired as head coach in San Jose. He’s coached some of the best and premiere players in the league during his time in California. Multiple division titles, a lot of post season play and a plethora of playoff exits. Joking aside, Todd is goin to fill a vacant coaching position quickly and will have an immediate impact.

It all starts with a campaign. I strongly suggest they use the idea of this video and send it around the league to the teams in need of a coach.

Kings Grow Tired of Sutter


by Doud

NY Post: 

Slap Shots has been told by two sources that the Kings locked the door to their locker room following a defeat on the road within the last two weeks so that Sutter could not get in and deliver what the players apparently expected to be another in a series of lectures/tirades.

As the tale was told, after Sutter finally tracked down an arena operative to unlock the door, he was greeted by three heavy waste receptacles lined up as a barricade to what had become an empty room.

Thus, it would be no stretch to suggest tension between the team and the coach, who led the Kings to those two Cups, was a significant issue as L.A. went down the stretch before their elimination Thursday night in Calgary following a shocking defeat two nights earlier in Edmonton, of all places.

Waaaaiiiit hold up, you mean to tell me the Kings grew tired of hearing this guy talk? :

No shit.

Mumbles McGavin over here.  Three years with 2 Cup wins and a trip to the western finals sandwiched in the middle there is probably WAY too much time to have to work under a dude like this as a player.  Richards was probably elated to go for a ride on the busses in Manchester for that period of time just to get away.  Sutter’s face alone sucks, he looks like that type of grandpa you hate.  Ton’s of Canadian personality just oozing outta this guy.

Despite the fall from grace this season (that literally EVERYONE is glad to see) he’ll keep his job ‘cuz you can’t can a guy with the type of resume/success he’s had in that small a sample size but his shelf life isn’t for the long.

Rangers Clinch 2nd Division Crown in Four Years

by Doud

Gotta be honest, after last season’s crushing defeat to LA in the Finals, from the opening of training camp until now all I’ve focused on is the playoffs and getting back to the finals.  Yea I’ve watched every game and cheered every goal but I’ve definitely been jaded off the 2014 run.  The only thing that matters and the only thing left for this organization to accomplish after everything that’s transpired over the last 15-20 years is to hoist Lord Stanley, and I want that goddamn cup.  For now we’ll raise a glass to this mini championship but there’s only one banner to be raised in October to the Garden rafters that matters.  Go get it.