Kings Grow Tired of Sutter


by Doud

NY Post: 

Slap Shots has been told by two sources that the Kings locked the door to their locker room following a defeat on the road within the last two weeks so that Sutter could not get in and deliver what the players apparently expected to be another in a series of lectures/tirades.

As the tale was told, after Sutter finally tracked down an arena operative to unlock the door, he was greeted by three heavy waste receptacles lined up as a barricade to what had become an empty room.

Thus, it would be no stretch to suggest tension between the team and the coach, who led the Kings to those two Cups, was a significant issue as L.A. went down the stretch before their elimination Thursday night in Calgary following a shocking defeat two nights earlier in Edmonton, of all places.

Waaaaiiiit hold up, you mean to tell me the Kings grew tired of hearing this guy talk? :

No shit.

Mumbles McGavin over here.  Three years with 2 Cup wins and a trip to the western finals sandwiched in the middle there is probably WAY too much time to have to work under a dude like this as a player.  Richards was probably elated to go for a ride on the busses in Manchester for that period of time just to get away.  Sutter’s face alone sucks, he looks like that type of grandpa you hate.  Ton’s of Canadian personality just oozing outta this guy.

Despite the fall from grace this season (that literally EVERYONE is glad to see) he’ll keep his job ‘cuz you can’t can a guy with the type of resume/success he’s had in that small a sample size but his shelf life isn’t for the long.


By Trapp

They hand a WWF belt to players after games to show who was the man that night.

Kaner handed that belt to Crawford for being the man all post season. Keep that belt all summer after droppin two F bombs and “working our nuts off” on live television. He straight up says what he needs to say and walks in epic fashion. Incredible.

Johnny Toews 1000% Watched Three Ninjas As Much As I Did

By Trapp

photo (2)

Jonathan Toews doin a sweet ass high kick into his pool. He was probably like borderline 5. He seems real determined and got some air.

Below is a picture of myself doing a high kick at my brother’s wedding and still holding my beer I’d like to mention.

photo (3)

This picture is the winner of them all. My buddy Brian Dolan did a high kick SO damn high he kicked the tile on his ceiling…


Also when this happened, Barenaked Ladies “It’s All Been Done” was blasting.

Kronicles of Kane: ‘Pagne Poppin Nation

By Trapp


I wasn’t kiddin, we got this yug covered and were gonna keep everyone posted. Everyone needs to bask in this yugs glory because he’s gonna be snapped in some JPEGS and GIFS for the ages.

He’s a straight-up relentless individual who’s on a tear right now. I hope this guy makes it to the parade Friday.

And that’s exactly what everyone wants to do. Party.



By Doud

Live from B-town: Bolland and Bickell score the biggest goals of their careers to steal game 6 late to crush the Bruins hopes of forcing game 7 and capture the cup for Chi-Town. They’re goin back to Chicago with the cup and partyin for like 18 days straight with all kindsa ‘pagne, beer, and shots flowin like goddamn Niagra Falls.
I absolutely LOVE how everyone’s first thought on Facebook and Twitter alike was how fucked up Kaner is gonna get within minutes.

P.S. Viktor Stalberg with one of the quotes of the night: