Dude Pisses At Yankee Stadium Last Night, Where it Was Cold


By Doud

Beer and hockey just flat out go hand in hand, as you can tell by the name of this blog site. I was in the Bronx last night where the bathroom lines were long as fuck and the beer lines were even longer, and I’dbe lying if i told you it didn’t cross my mind to leak out all over the house that Steinbrunner’s dough built. Everyone pregamed hard as both Stan’s and Billy’s were unmanageably packed and clearly this dude takes the cake as the drunkest guy in the stadium. Clearly it was pretty damn cold too. Bro, clean it up, at least turn the other way so you’re not sunning literally 50,000 onlookers.

PS Rangers pajama pants chick is likely a smoke

Blames Everything Else Except for his and Team’s Poor Play….Weird

By Trapp


Fuck this guy. Statistically best goalie ever to play the game period, but has no class. He straight up blamed the ice conditions and everything else as to why his team got shallacked 7-3 at Yankee Stadium on Sunday. He’s been a whiner his whole career, never humble.

So you let up 5 straight goals as well as 3 goals on 3 shots because the ice was bad?

You’re team allowed like 6 different 3 on 1’s to occur in the game and scoring on 2 of them because of bad ice? Sounds accurate.