Bobby Lu aka Paul from Wonder Years


By Trapp

I’m gonna start with this: Roberto has the honor to call Jaromir Jagr his teammate. There’s a lot of jealousy from me there. Those two definitely gamble at a remarkable rate and pop bottles on the reg together now that they are playing on the same team that beautiful city of Miami.  

Luongo collected his 400th win last night and that puts him 11th all time in wins. Pretty amazing stat for a guy who has never won a Stanley Cup. This one time I turned into a dog and they helped me. Thank you.

Well This Looks Like the End For Johnny’s Canucks

By Trapp

VanCity has played real bad all season and now I don’t even know what to make of this team other than trading Luongo was an end of an era and a tell tale sign of a rebuild in the Van.


Let’s sum up Vancouver’s season in one night and it happens to very recent: Last night the Islanders scored 7 goals in the third period and beat the Canucks on home ice with a 7-4 final score.


Pretty much what’s goin on

At The Moment, Bobby Lou and Tim Tom are Teammates


By Doud

Luongo takes his talents back to South Beach where him and Tom can pump each others tires left and right. It’s not likely now that rob’s been acquired but I hope to god Florida keeps them both for the pure comedic value of it all. I hope they greet each other with air pumps in the locker room and/or new sets of tires.

P.S. nice helmets Tom, everybody hates you:




A Little Bummed There Won’t Be A Sequel This Year

By Trapp


With Schneider now in New Jersey and all the Devil fans wettin their pants over it, Gillis, Torts, and Sully better pray that another goalie in Training Camp emerges and is better than Bobby Lu, makes the team and we got a sequel to this newspaper article. That was all one sentence, what would my English Professor from College say about that? I don’t know “what can I say it’s beyond me”.


Good Chance Tim Tom D Blocked Bobby Lou’s Tires


FF to 4:45

By Doud
Luongo tweeted this pic of his car yesterday. 70000% chance this was done by Tim Thomas right?
Tim Tom wants back into the NHL. Best way to get a team’s attention? Make sure they know for SURE that he won’t be pumping anyone’s tires, in fact FUCK TIRES.
Your move Luongo, Your move…