Devil Fans Hate Bon Jovi (Jersey Native), Love Child Rapists.

By Doud

So Devils changed their goal song from long time “Rock n Roll Part II” (has anyone ever heard part 1?) to some shit song by New Jersey native and noted Rangers fan Bon Jovi and of course the 34 faithful Devs fans lost their shit all over Facebook. After all, a Devils goal on home ice is their time to shine and let everyone know how cool and sophisticated they are by yelling “HEY..YOU SUCK.” Sure bro, whatever you jobless nothings say. Your beloved song is performed by a weird ass dude that molests kids in Vietnam so that’s about right.

Bon Jovi sucks though so as far as pure arena songs go I can see your point.

Players On The Ice In The Area

By Doud

HUZZAH! Camps are open, players hit the ice today (yesterday was all about off ice physical testing and media availability), preseason starts Monday, and the ’14 campaign is basically underway. I’m veerrry aroused. Quick pics from the morning this far:

Apparently the Devils think its cool to rock game uni’s during practice

The ‘ders are pretty much christening the Barclays center as their new home already holding camp there and playin the Devs in Brooklyn on the 21st. Probably the first time they’ll ever feel like a major league sports team

How much does it suck to be Scott fuckin Wedgewood. Clearly not makin the team standing there in front of goddamn Brodeur thinkin “..well fuck. I should probably just go home.”

Straight Up Gongshow in Newark


By Doud

Newark star ledger:Similarly, Pritchard Sports and Entertainment of Maryland said the Devils “unjustifiably disparaged” the quality of its cleaning services during hearings last year before an American Arbitration Association panel weighing the company’s claim to some $2.3 million in unpaid bills.

In January, the Devils sued Pritchard for negligence, claiming it did a poor job cleaning the arena.

The Devils also claimed that the team had terminated its three-year contract with Pritchard in September 2010 — a claim Pritchard denied.

The termination came two months after the Devils offered their marquee player, Ilya Kovalchuk, an eye-popping 17-year, $102 million contract. That contract was rejected by the NHL and the team signed Kovalchuk to a revised offer of 15 years at $100 million. Kovalchuk retired this summer to return to his native Russia.

After September 2010, Pritchard continued working at the arena without a contract, the team said. The Devils said Pritchard employees showed up for work drunk, slept through shifts, punched in for work and immediately left, and stole from Devils employees.

And, the Devils claimed, Pritchard workers regularly finished off half-empty alcoholic beverages left behind by fans during their cleanup.

“These employees and/or agents were visibly disoriented and could only perform basic work assignments in a shoddy and careless fashion,” according to the lawsuit filed by Devils attorney Murphy Durkin in January.
Pritchard denied the Devils’ claims.

In February, an arbitration panel ordered the team to pay the $2.3 million in outstanding invoices to Pritchard plus 1 percent per month interest, according to court papers filed by Pritchard. In addition, the Devils were ordered to pay Pritchard’s $145,000 in legal fees.

Remember that time in the 80’s when the Great One called the Devs a “Mickey Mouse organization?” Yea pretty much holds true still. It’ll probably turn around now with the new ownership but Christ. That Kovy deal looks even more remarkably awful considering it lead directly to the complete degradation of everything else under that roof.
Serious question though: how was I not aware of the complete cake of a job opportunity of being a Pritchard arena cleaner guy? Literally all of the behavior displayed by their crew I’ve done at multiple jobs in the past, each of which i’ve received promotions. If I worked for them at the rock I woulda climbed their corporate ladder in probably under a month. So basically I should be president of that company by now and instead I’m blogging over here. I’m placing blame on multiple people I know that work and have worked for the devils that I know personally. Bullshit.