Kimmo Says Kiss My Ass, I Won And Now I’m Retiring

By Trapp


Fantastic fuckin Finnish calling it a career. He had already made this decision that this was gonna be his final season regardless of winnin the Cup or not. Missed pretty much the whole damn season from a serious injury with blood clots. That’s some scary shit. He got cleared, trained, threw some weight around got in game shape. Stan makes a deal at the deadline and Kimmo leaves that joke of a team from the City of Brotherly Love and is now headin to a perrenial Cup contending team. 

It was a story book ending for this guy who had won at every level but never a Stanley Cup. Ironic enough his only appearance in a Cup final prior to this one was with Philadelphia when the Blackhawks beat them in six games in 2010. Well that shit’s history and now Timmonen is a part of history. He will get his name engraved on the Stanley Cup and be part of a remarkable team.  Fuckin GET IT.


Hossa in the background doin the Tusken Raider..

Jim Cornelison vs Rene Rancort

By Doud

Ok so we’re 4 games into the Finals and we’ve had battles of epic proportions especially in the pregame ceremonies. Each city’s treasured acoustic muscle has been flexed on dual occasions apiece so we must crown a champion.
Jim Cornelison (Chi-Town) vs. Rene Rancort (Boston)
Who ya got.

My votes goin to Jim. Lucious Pipes. Rancort is all show.

P.S. it really doesnt matter cuz the answer is John Amirante: