People Are Just Gettin Warmed Up

By Trapp

Here’s a look at what the Flyers’ D is lookin like this season… Btw I spelled season wrong at first and it autocorrected it with Seagal. That’s more than fine.





Vinny Lecav in Philly For 5 Years Is Probably a Good Idea

By Doud

Flyers made a huge move to shore up their defense and actually shut down opposing attacks yesterday by signing recently bought out Tampa star Vinny Lecavalier….wait, hes not a shut down defenseman? Or a goaltender actually capable of making big saves? He doesn’t address the Flyers’ real needs?
Par for the course. Way to give a big FIVE YEAR DEAL…I’ll say it again, F I V E YEAR DEAL to a 33 year old center who is old for 33. True that they now have a formidable and very French 1-2 at center with Vinny behind Giroux but Philly’s startin to resemble a poor man’s Pittsburgh with no D or ‘tending.
Keep it up Paul, PLEASE go sign Tim Tom to attetmpt to guard your cage so i can laugh some more.