I Find This To Be A Bit Ridiculous

By Trapp


There are so many pointless videos that float around on YouTube, yet there’s literally no videos of when Pavel Bure was on the New York Rangers. He scored pretty much every game when he played for them. Imagine Bure playing post lockout in the 2005-2006 season. Goddamn.

I’ve seen a top 10 of Bure’s best goals on Sports Centre but they showed like two of his goals from NYR: the goal his first game that happened to be against VanCity and his hattrick goal that was set up with a sweet dish by Petr Nedved.

Doud has two number 10 Petr Nedved jerseys.

Lesson 101 From Beer League: Greeting People The Correct Way

By Trapp

Couple summers ago when the earthquake happened. It was like August 2011 and literally every tectonic plate in the galaxy this side of Orion’s Belt and Rip Torn’s secret intergalactic kegger that he said he didn’t throw, shifted.

At the time Doud and I worked together I walked into work and we did the predator handshake:


And as soon as we dapped – the earthquake hit Wayne, New Jersey. Our shelves and work benches were shaking. The whole room was shaking and we stood there with the look of euphoria on our faces. Our boy Phil was just in shock as well. So to this day I tell people Doud and I started an earthquake.

For the record, Doud is wearing a Pavel Bure Vancouver Canucks jersey in the photo above.

Dave Coulier’s Understudy During The Full House Intro

By Trapp


Why is this a hockey card? Seriously? Why the hell is this a card? Upper Deck’s like uhh yeh let’s put a picture of one the best goal scorers to ever play the game roller blading at like Venice Beach just like Dave Coulier in the Full House intro.

Good job Upper Deck. This and Mike Grier chillin eatin ‘zza on the road was a good idea too.