Laviollette Fired and Possibly Trapp too for Not Using This Clip:


By Doud

Seriously do I have to do everything around here?

But yea Flyers finally can Pete. Probably should have done it after last season and enable themselves to dip into the coaching free agency pool instead of havin washed up Craig Berube behind the bench but what can I say it’s beyond me. This is Paul Holmgren we’re talkin about here, may want to get him outta there too.

Holmgren and Snider Give Pete The Boot

By Trapp


People say that Glen Sather does some pretty stupid things but Holmgren and Snider are right up there with stupid decisions. From exiling Richards and Carter to bring in Bryzgalov then bringing back Emery after buying out Bryzgalov you can say their resume for stupidity is growing. With that being said firing ‘Lette might be a good thing for this team. When Laviolette came in as coach in 2010, he brought these dicks to the Stanley Cup at the 8th seed and gave ChiTown a good run for their money but failed. 2010-2011 season came around and they were nasty throughout the regular season and then lost in the second round meanwhile they were picked to go to the Stanley Cup.

2011-2012 they were knocked out in the Semi Finals by the Devils and then Philly didn’t even make the playoffs last year. I guess them sucking carried over into preseason as they went 1-5 and now 0-3 to start the season. ¬†They just seem to be going backwards. I mean that’s good for fans of teams that root against Philadelphia. It’s a demanding sports city. I mean the fans are crazy, they’ll just fight people over stupid shit. I guess Holmgren and Snider expected the second coming of Christ from Laviolette but it just didn’t work out. ‘Lette’s a very good coach, a Stanley Cup winner keep in mind I guarantee he will a job because some team is bound to do terrible and fire a coach.

Craig Berube is taking over the mantle as head coach. Guy’s got a such a funny name. Craig. Also Craig’s remarkable flow back in circa ’98 was damn near flawless. On par wit Jags:

One more thing, I strongly feel that the greatest thing Peter Laviolette ever did as the head coach of the Philadelphia Flyers was tell Steve Ott to go fuck himself.

What Are The Odds Ron Hextall Suits Up In Goal For The Flyers next Season


by Doud

The Flyers added yet another goalie to their organization the other day, albeit to their front office, as 2 time Philly netminder was hired as the likely future replacement to Paul Holmgren.
So now they got Emery, Mason, fuckin Yann Dannis (who’s name I only pronounce the way it’s spelled), and goddamn Ron Hextall. Its guaranteed one if not all of the active goalies on this club will fail, so I’m setting the over/under on Hextall suiting up (and also failing) at game 32 that Ron gets in the Philadelphia crease.

Vinny Lecav in Philly For 5 Years Is Probably a Good Idea

By Doud

Flyers made a huge move to shore up their defense and actually shut down opposing attacks yesterday by signing recently bought out Tampa star Vinny Lecavalier….wait, hes not a shut down defenseman? Or a goaltender actually capable of making big saves? He doesn’t address the Flyers’ real needs?
Par for the course. Way to give a big FIVE YEAR DEAL…I’ll say it again, F I V E YEAR DEAL to a 33 year old center who is old for 33. True that they now have a formidable and very French 1-2 at center with Vinny behind Giroux but Philly’s startin to resemble a poor man’s Pittsburgh with no D or ‘tending.
Keep it up Paul, PLEASE go sign Tim Tom to attetmpt to guard your cage so i can laugh some more.

Add Bryz to the Incredible List of Philly Phailures


By Doud

Hey Philly way to fuck up your whole franchise. Just about 2 years ago I sat and watched as Paul Holmgren dealt away the biggest strength of his near championship lineup (1-2 centers Mike Richards and ffeJ retraC) in order to secure solidarity in goal in the form of Ilya Bryzgalov, who was commin off of 2 slightly above average seasons in the desert. Both of those seasons by the way were capped off with less than stellar efforts in the postseason and predictible early round exits. Now granted Richards and Carter were glorious disasters away from the rink: a friend of mine from Philly informed me that multiple bartenders/owners in Old City were pissed at the trades since it meant waaayyy less business and tips commin their way from the Canadian bros. Add that to the allegations that Carter basically caused Hartnell’s divorce and you’re in a no win situation as Flyers GM. But really at what point during all their galavanting do you step in as a General Manager or even the owner to tell them to clean up? Its as if they turned a blind eye and then dealt them when they could.
The end result is no playoffs this season and Mr. Universe predictably becoming another disaster in goal and finally being bought out of his asinine 9 year contract. At least Flyer fans can take solace in the fact that your team will be paying him $14M over the next 17 years. Oh wait that sucks too. Good luck with Steve Mason.

P.S. My Warrior rep at my other business happens to also be the Flyers pro rep for that same company and flat out told me that Bryz HATES to practice. You’re a pro bro.

P.P.S. Chances Boucher comes back a third time?