By Trapp

Bergeron is listed as day to day.

That’s a breath of fresh air for Claude and his boys.

Their fate is decided Monday night



Their fate is decided Friday night


As Bill Pullman once said in his brilliant performance as the president in Indepedence Day:

“May our children forgive us.”

GET IT: All Business


By Trapp

Both teams have been in this position before when the series has been 3-2.

2010: Chicago takes the cup in Philly in game 6

2011: Boston beats the hell out of
Luongo in game 6 on home ice then wins game 7 in Van City

It’s gonna be all business for both teams Monday night. And the Bruins may have to do it without Patrice Bergeron.

(Bergeron leaving the ice after injury)

Yug got so hurt on an innocent lookin play to the extent that he didn’t play a shift for the rest of the second period and was then taken to an area hospital. Don’t know what the injury is, but it’s gonna be a huge loss for the B’s if he can’t play.

Tonight Will Be The Most Important Game


By Trapp

Game 5 tonight in Chicago

Series Tied at 2-2

The winner of tonight’s game will also be the same team that eventually wins game 6 and also the Stanley Cup.

I’m picking the Bruins tonight with the victory.

There are two yugs in Boston that I think are gonna have big games and they are the yugs in photo above:

Patrice Bergeron and Jaromir Jagr.

Expect Bergeron to be dominant in the face off circle and both ends of the ice. Would be pretty sick if Jags gets on the board tonight with a g-note.

I called Boston in 6 and if that happens I’ll start buying lottery tickets again.

This one time I turned into a dog and they helped me. Thank you.