Brad Richards FiancĂ©e Is Borderline Attractive

By Trapp


It’s pretty cut and dry that in 2011-2012 when Brad was dating Olivia Munn he was playing REAAALLLY good for the rangers. Like ginos on the reg good. They split, he sucked until playoffs. Then last year he must’ve not gotten any ass at all because he “belonged in the snack bar”.

It’s been reported that Bradford has become engaged to Rechelle Jenkins over the Olympic break. Listen Rechelle, with us about to lose Callahan very soon you must literally give Brad a couple quickies before practices and games just so he plays that much better down the final stretch.




30 Bucks Says Erat Asks To Be Traded During The Olympics

By Trapp


Blues forward Vladimir Sbotoka was injured a couple nights ago and won’t be available to play for the Czech Republic in the Olympics next week. So they replace Sbotoka with Martin Erat. The yugs become a scapegoat in the league the past couple seasons. He literally took like 4 penalties two weeks ago in one game against the rangers. He also told McPhee to trade him like 6 times in the last 9 months.

Why the fuck didn’t you choose Radek Dvorak or Jan Hlavac? For Christ sake Petr Nedved is on the goddamn roster, at least give me 2/3 of the CzechMates from the dark ages Rangers Squad.



Inglorious Backes: Beatdown Prep

By Trapp


The weeks leading up to the 2010 Olympics David Backes was straight up attacking and beating up high profiled Canadian players. He went after Perry, Nash, and Jonathan Toews. Due to the fact that the 2014 Olympics are in Russia, D Back might be targeting Russians leading up to the Winter Games. Semin stands no chance.



Panger Losin It On Chell Net

By Trapp

You might have to turn your volumes up just a little bit but it’s there trust me.

Live coverage after the games during the Stanley Cup Final. I guess I was watching the right night because they show Crawford’s nasty Danny Glover on B-March in the slot and then all hell breaks loose. Dougy Weight was in on the action too. Maybe him and Panger were lightin some bowls up or hittin a blunt before they went live. I literally laugh at this every time I watch it. What’s great is Kevin Weekes professionalism comin to the rescue to take Panger’s cue at one point, Dougy Weight laughin, Mikey Johnson getting 27000% flustered at the end when Panger keeps laughing. Katty Tapp wants no part of this. I watched the live coverage after the next game strictly to see if Panger was still up to his antics but they kept him under close watch and blatantly obvious. My god.