Brad Richards FiancĂ©e Is Borderline Attractive

By Trapp


It’s pretty cut and dry that in 2011-2012 when Brad was dating Olivia Munn he was playing REAAALLLY good for the rangers. Like ginos on the reg good. They split, he sucked until playoffs. Then last year he must’ve not gotten any ass at all because he “belonged in the snack bar”.

It’s been reported that Bradford has become engaged to Rechelle Jenkins over the Olympic break. Listen Rechelle, with us about to lose Callahan very soon you must literally give Brad a couple quickies before practices and games just so he plays that much better down the final stretch.




Where Is Kane?

By Trapp


New Winnipeg Jets Head Coach Paul Maurice broke the news today that the High Speed Aeronautic Attack Vehicles forward Evander Kane will be “out until after Olympic Break”

Shit ton of trade rumors circulatin Kaner in the last two weeks

Maybe he just needs some time off get a couple drinks and clear the head.

Hopefully shit don’t get too outta hand over the Olympic Break where you got Pauly M askin his players