Must’ve Sucked to be Gary on Sunday

By Trapp 


It was truly something out of a movie.

You have your piece of shit villain, Gary Bettman, who in real life is a terrible person. You have your underdog hockey player in John Scott who is being pulled in two different directions. Should he play in the All Star Game that the fans voted him in to or listen to the naysayers?

After a Players Tribune article came out it turns out the naysayers were in fact people who run the league and particular General Managers. And once they threw at him and asked that if he participated in the game would it be something his children were ‘proud of’. Scott says fuck that and that lights a fire. He moves forward and is now set to captain the Pacific Division. 

With 5 career goals, multiple suspensions, trades to different teams and cities, uprooting his family on several occasions. It hasn’t been a glamorous NHL career that someone like Jonathan Toews enjoys. Regardless Scott takes this probably once in a lifetime opportunity.

As typical as a Hollywood ending goes for a story about the underdog: John Scott scores two goals and is the MVP of the All Star Game. He also given a classic lift from his teammates and had his ‘Rudy’ moment. Easily the best All Star Game in recent memory. He stuck it to the naysayers, he burned Jeremy Roenick on the bench in an interview. 

Must’ve felt pretty sweet taking that million dollar check from Gary Bettman’s hands after being named MVP of the game he tried keeping John Scott from.


Eric Daze Sucks

By Trapp

When I was a kid and my brother would remind me that the Skills Competition and the All Star Game “were happening this weekend” some type of euphoria would envelop my body and brain and those words he spoke was the only thing I thought about the entire yad. The skills competition gives you the opportunity to witness the players that were selected and to bring their skills to the forefront. Just to name a few from the 2002 All Star Game: Jaromir Jagr, Joe Sakic, Teemu Selanne, Mario Lemieux, Brian Leetch, um I don’t know Sergei Fedorov. Legit dudes. Ray Bourque was and is the king of the accuracy shooting contest. Check out what this yug did on the reg:

Pretty good right? Now, take a look at this fuckin gem of an all star selection in Eric Daze. I can’t even get into the detail of how absurdly bad this guy was my god I even laugh about it. Let me preface before you hit the video. He goes 2 for 8, hits the dead center of the night on his first two shots, misses wide to the right completely and nails the glass and almost kills probably Ray Whitney because hes got nasty passes, and he also hits three posts.

JR is straight up laughing after Daze was done. Also what’s remarkable is right before the first shot Darren Pang is like “THIS GUY CAN SHOOT THE PUCK” yeah bro, not accurately.