Did This When I Woke Up This Morning Remembering That Tonight Is The Night

By Trapp

RANGERS VS DEVILS at MSG WEST. The Devils and Rangers will both be playing their first preseason games and as a Ranger fan I couldn’t be happier it’s the Devils. Any time these two teams meet no matter what, it’s an awesome game, even if it’s pre season.


I was at this game…Rangers won

The game where I thought Matt Gilroy wasn’t useless…That changed

Be nice to still have ‘Rik

Although this next video isn’t pre season footage, it’s still one of the greatest things I’ve seen to start in the opening seconds of a hockey game.

Doud’s goin to the game tonight with our buddy ScarJar. Puckdrop will be at 7:00PM tonight EST at ‘The Rock’ in Newark. You couldn’t pay me to go there. Should be an exciting game for both teams. Alain Vigneault’s first game as a the Ranger’s coach tonight and it is Corey Schneider’s first game as the Devil’s goaltender tonight. Even though I love watching Jagr play, I’m glad he’s not in the ‘nup tonight because it straight up it kills me that he’s wearing the Devil’s colors in his most likely final season, but that’s a different story for some other time. Enjoy the game and GET IT.

Straight Up Gongshow in Newark


By Doud

Newark star ledger:Similarly, Pritchard Sports and Entertainment of Maryland said the Devils “unjustifiably disparaged” the quality of its cleaning services during hearings last year before an American Arbitration Association panel weighing the company’s claim to some $2.3 million in unpaid bills.

In January, the Devils sued Pritchard for negligence, claiming it did a poor job cleaning the arena.

The Devils also claimed that the team had terminated its three-year contract with Pritchard in September 2010 — a claim Pritchard denied.

The termination came two months after the Devils offered their marquee player, Ilya Kovalchuk, an eye-popping 17-year, $102 million contract. That contract was rejected by the NHL and the team signed Kovalchuk to a revised offer of 15 years at $100 million. Kovalchuk retired this summer to return to his native Russia.

After September 2010, Pritchard continued working at the arena without a contract, the team said. The Devils said Pritchard employees showed up for work drunk, slept through shifts, punched in for work and immediately left, and stole from Devils employees.

And, the Devils claimed, Pritchard workers regularly finished off half-empty alcoholic beverages left behind by fans during their cleanup.

“These employees and/or agents were visibly disoriented and could only perform basic work assignments in a shoddy and careless fashion,” according to the lawsuit filed by Devils attorney Murphy Durkin in January.
Pritchard denied the Devils’ claims.

In February, an arbitration panel ordered the team to pay the $2.3 million in outstanding invoices to Pritchard plus 1 percent per month interest, according to court papers filed by Pritchard. In addition, the Devils were ordered to pay Pritchard’s $145,000 in legal fees.

Remember that time in the 80’s when the Great One called the Devs a “Mickey Mouse organization?” Yea pretty much holds true still. It’ll probably turn around now with the new ownership but Christ. That Kovy deal looks even more remarkably awful considering it lead directly to the complete degradation of everything else under that roof.
Serious question though: how was I not aware of the complete cake of a job opportunity of being a Pritchard arena cleaner guy? Literally all of the behavior displayed by their crew I’ve done at multiple jobs in the past, each of which i’ve received promotions. If I worked for them at the rock I woulda climbed their corporate ladder in probably under a month. So basically I should be president of that company by now and instead I’m blogging over here. I’m placing blame on multiple people I know that work and have worked for the devils that I know personally. Bullshit.

Jagr a Devil

href=”https://beerleaguebeauts.files.wordpress.com/2013/07/boston_bruins_new_jersey_devils_jaromir_jagr_martin_brodeur_040313.jpg”>Jaromir Jagr, Martin Brodeur
By Doud

Well the weirdo legend finally found a home for the next year as Louie Lam inked the sure-fire hall of famer to a deal that puts Jagr in red and black and in the shittiest city other than Detroit.
I’d say im suprised that Lou would go for a past his prime scorer but hell he had to do something to attempt to replace Kovy (probably not possible). Word was that Jaromir was in the area last Friday meeting with the Devils Rangers and Flyers which makes sense cuz all three teams are within driving distances of casinos (dude fuckin LOVES gambling). No chance Rangers were bringin him back since they legit have no cap space and the Flyers at some point may wanna divert their funds to defensemen. Prob would be a good idea.
As much as its been clear that Jagr is probably the most blatant mercenary athlete in NHL history at this point, its still gonna suck to see him with a damn Devils crest on his chest next season. Whatever good luck tryin to get production outta him in the playoffs if you make it there, New Jersey. Just look down the ‘pike and ask the dudes in orange how he fared for them in ’12.

P.S. if Lou didn’t greet Jagr at the Pru center like Sean Connery then he should be banned from the NHL for life.