by Doud

Ya know what’s stupid as fuck?  When everyone in an arena loses their shit ‘cuz t-shirts are up for grabs and shot into the crowd.  Literally every single one of you idiots are WEARING a t-shirt.

Ya know what’s awesome as FUCK?! TACOS. Just in general.  The University of Nebraska-Omaha is kickin shit up a notch by introducing, along with their brand new barn, a goddamn TACO CANNON TO SHOOT TACOS AT MOTHERFUCKERS.  Now THAT’S an in-game promotional giveaway I can get behind.  Because when I think Hispanic cuisine, what better place to look than Omaha Nebraska.  And at a hockey game no less.  Whatever man, I’d be legitimately throwing smaller folk out of my path toward an airborne taco with reckless abandon if I was given the chance.  Good job UNO.  Hockey, beer, tacos.  That’s doin shit the right way.


Matt O’Connor Channels His Inner Bill Buckner, Providence Friars Win NCAA Title


By Doud

Bruins get eliminated, BU blows it…Hell of a weekend for Boston hockey fans huh?

Yo Matt you had it in your glove. There was no opposing pressure anywhere around you and you legit dropped it in your own net. How the hell does that happen? No chance O’Connor shows his face on campus the rest of the semester right? What could have been a national title for Hobey Baker winner Jack Eichel and Boston University turns into a nightmare for the Terrier ‘tendy.

Tom Parisi gets credit for the game tying snipe on his half ice sky hook dump in which turned the tides in The Friar’s favor.  For the second time in 48 hours O’Connor creates a horrific blunder leading to a goal which this time cost his team in the biggest possible spot.  He’s a solid puck stopper but he better not carry this bad habit of mishandling the pill to the show, especially if he ends up on Broadway as Talbot’s replacement as Hank’s backup when Cam is inevitably traded this summer.

All that said, well done and congrats Providence.