Dave Coulier’s Understudy During The Full House Intro

By Trapp


Why is this a hockey card? Seriously? Why the hell is this a card? Upper Deck’s like uhh yeh let’s put a picture of one the best goal scorers to ever play the game roller blading at like Venice Beach just like Dave Coulier in the Full House intro.

Good job Upper Deck. This and Mike Grier chillin eatin ‘zza on the road was a good idea too.

It’s Good ‘ZZA TOO!

By Trapp

When my brother and I were growin up we collected hockey cards and had like 18 binders filled with them. We have some really sweet cards but we also have some really bad ones. But I have never in my life come across a card this remarkable in my entire existence:

grier-frontbright- (1)


He’s in his Oilers uni so it musta been taken in like 1997 or something. He’s straight up sitting on Red Forman’s couch. He’s clearly in the locker room. He’s wearing a shitty watch on his right wrist. He has a slice of pizza in his left hand.