Cockbab Gettin Paid, Gettin Paid

By Trapp

Mike Babcock, Head Coach of Toronto Maple Leafs

You’re lookin at the new head coach of the 2014-2015 laughing stock of the NHL: Toronto Maple Leafs

Buff Sabes and his now former Detroit squad were in the running, but eventually pulled out. Toronto threw an absurd amount of money and incentives at Michael and he gladly accepted. Cockbab’s deal is 8 years at an estimated $50 Million Dollars.

I eventually see this team being a good team, Michael will influence better drafting and will attract players to wanna go to Toronto. They are still in their rebuilding mode but if I were a Leaf fan I’d be borderline aroused knowing you have the best coach in the NHL on their bench.

Bab’s Battle Wound

By Trapp

Mike Babcock is a scary lookin yug sometimes. If you happen to catch him pissed off behind the Red Wing bench he strongly looks resembles an eagle. Call me crazy but look at these two pictures.

photo (1)

I’ve always wondered where this fuckin warrior got that gnarly lookin scar from. But this beats the hell outta me.

Me and my dude LAN caught one of Mike’s post game interviews where he straight up said “gonna put this loss behind me and go out and grab a beer with my wife.” We both found that to be so remarkable. This guy rules.

Mike’s a straight up dude and is one of the league’s best coaches. He and his boys are one win away from taking down the Blackhawks. No one saw this one coming. But in the end, we all know that an eagle always wins against the hawk…