Blames Everything Else Except for his and Team’s Poor Play….Weird

By Trapp


Fuck this guy. Statistically best goalie ever to play the game period, but has no class. He straight up blamed the ice conditions and everything else as to why his team got shallacked 7-3 at Yankee Stadium on Sunday. He’s been a whiner his whole career, never humble.

So you let up 5 straight goals as well as 3 goals on 3 shots because the ice was bad?

You’re team allowed like 6 different 3 on 1’s to occur in the game and scoring on 2 of them because of bad ice? Sounds accurate.

Players On The Ice In The Area

By Doud

HUZZAH! Camps are open, players hit the ice today (yesterday was all about off ice physical testing and media availability), preseason starts Monday, and the ’14 campaign is basically underway. I’m veerrry aroused. Quick pics from the morning this far:

Apparently the Devils think its cool to rock game uni’s during practice

The ‘ders are pretty much christening the Barclays center as their new home already holding camp there and playin the Devs in Brooklyn on the 21st. Probably the first time they’ll ever feel like a major league sports team

How much does it suck to be Scott fuckin Wedgewood. Clearly not makin the team standing there in front of goddamn Brodeur thinkin “..well fuck. I should probably just go home.”


By Trapp

EA Sports is comin out with NHL ’14 with Fatso on the fuckin cover. I’m not even gonna go further into that besides this:

Anyway, each year EA looks to make their games sicker than fuck and they do. They added the Winter Classic in their games, you legit play at the outdoor venue for whatever said teams played in the classic. This time around they are putting NHL 94 mode into their game to commemorate the iconic legendary game that I’m pretty sure every kid owned.

Me and my older brother played this game all day and night. It inspired the Kamloops Blazers to do this.

I mean come on. Really. That is just flat out remarkable, it really is. But what else this game did was even better than a team doin the celebrations, it had Vince Vaughn and Jon Favre make one of the best scenes in film history:

“It’s not even so much me as it’s Roenick, he’s good.”

The Six Saddest Things About Martin Brodeur’s Biggest Twitter Fan taken from Deadspin


Deadspin’s Barry Petchesk wrote the following article. It is hilarious and also really sad.

“As they do each year, EA Sports are conducting a fan vote to select the cover player for NHL 14. It’s come down to Columbus goalie Sergei Bobrovsky, probably in line for the Vezina, and Devils legend Marty Brodeur. Fans can vote on Twitter with a specific hashtag. Sometimes this goes very wrong.

Dave Lozo brought him to our attention, and we want to bring him to yours: @broduer669, was all over the cover vote. But it wasn’t smooth sailing. Counting down, the six saddest things about Poworski’s one-man push to get Martin Brodeur on the cover of a video game.

6. He created his Twitter account solely to vote for Brodeur.

5. His very first tweet was to Brodeur, asking him how to vote.

4. That tweet was sent to a fake Martin Brodeur account. 

3. He voted for Brodeur 248 times, one right after the other, for more than two hours.

2. He sequentially numbered each tweet.

1. Each and every tweet spelled “Broduer” wrong, meaning not a single one of his votes counted.”

Read entire article here:

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