Jay Q-Ville and His Boys Lookin To Make History Tonight 

by Trapp


Duncan Keith, Jonathan Toews, Patrick Sharp, Niklas Hjalmarsson
4 out of the 7 players that have been a part of the 2 cups since 2010 are in this photo above. The other 3 not pictured are Kane, Seabrook (OCEANSTREAM) and Hossa. Those 7 players are looking to capture their third title in 6 seasons. They are also lookin to clinch and close this shit up tonight on home ice. No Blackhawks team has hoisted Stan on home ice since 1938. The previous two Stanley Cup wins (2010, 2013) were on the road both in a game six. Tonight what lies ahead is another game 6 where their fortunes have been pretty damn good. 

We all saw how good this team was in 2008-2009 when they began their excellence. Joel came in, righted the wrong found themselves competing with Detroit in the Western Conference Finals and then win it all the following season. I’m not surprised  by this team’s success. They know how to win. Corey Crawford has a chance to win his 2nd Stanley Cup and that’s the only thing about this team that boggles my fuckin mind. But, it just shows you how deep this team is year in and year out.

With that being said.

Pivotal Tilt Tonight In ChiTown

By Trapp

Game 4 of the Blackhawks-Predators series tonight and it’s a big one. Blackhawks win they pretty much have the series in the bag. Mike Underwood and the Preds even it at 2 games a piece, then Joel his boys better rethink their strategy.

Vermette finally got out of the doghouse with his first appearance of the postseason in game 3 the other day and was a +1… Whatever he was irrelevant. Big Hoss had a night. Yug was all over the place being a dominant player showin that two way play. He’s my player to watch tonight I think the ‘Hawks go up 3-1 to take a commanding lead.


By Trapp


Big Hoss can pretty much say “the last 24 hours have been really exciting…”

Two goals last night in the OT loss to Calgary and he’s already got a goal tonight against Torts-less Canucks. The yugs gettin older now at the age of 35 but it doesn’t matter. Every shift Hossa is out there he is effective.

51 games played this season, 23 goals and 22 assists is pretty damn solid for a yug who’s 35. He’s quietly closing in on 1,000 points as he sits with 980…

Knibb High Football Rules.

There’s literally no sports fans here

By Trapp


I am currently on vacation with two of my buddies to Portland, Oregon to see our friend who works out here. Been here for one full day so far and I gotta tell ya ‘the last 24 hours have been really exciting’

Been doing a good amount of brewery hopping and eating some real good food. Probably had the best gyro of my life yesterday. Found a sick ass arcade that was like TRON themed:



Very disappointed with the lack of sports fans and lack of sports jerseys I HAVEN’T seen. I’m sure I’ll find a sweet sports bar and maybe a Portland Winterhawks jersey. Most likely gonna negotiate a price to buy the jersey from wherever its from if it’s either one of the Hossa brothers sweater.

For the record this place rules.


Tony Amonte Gets His


By Trapp

Hossa: ‘I don’t really care what Tony Amonte says’

Tony nobody cares what you have to say.

Fat Amonte took a few shots at Hossa sayin his he doesn’t have the highest threshold for pain, it wasn’t right for the team not to come out with the injury and to keep it so secretive.

“Always hurt, he’s injured, he’s in, he’s out of the lineup. Just not a guy that plays through injury,” Amonte said Monday night. “At this point of the season, those are the guys you need.”

“Why couldn’t he have played 10 minutes last game? Why couldn’t he help the Chicago Blackhawks out on the power play?” Amonte said Wednesday on “Postgame Live.”

Yo Tony shut the fuck up bro, this is the yugs fourth appearance to the finals and already has a cup. You don’t have anything. You got traded the year the Rangers won the cup how does that make you feel?

Hossa played last night: played more than 19 minutes on the ice, got a helper on Sharpy’s goal and he had four shots on net.

With that being said….

Big Dog’s Back


By Trapp

Well, after replacing Marian Hossa with Ben Smith who straight up didn’t take warmies and also after that mystery injury and alot of speculation, Hoss will be back in the ‘nup tonight. Tonight’s a must win for the ‘Hawks. Might sound crazy but it really is a must win, goin down 3-1 and possibly getting eliminated on home ice won’t bode will for Rocky Dubbs (Rocky Wirtz).

Getting the big dog back gives the Blackhawks a lot more options, I think they’ll definitely be better tonight.

The puck’s literally dropping in like 9 minutes soooo umm….



Wouldn’t it be remarkable if Hoss faked an injury just to play Mario Kart…creates his own character…


Tony Amonte is Fat Now.



By Doud

So Amonte did a segment for Sportsnet (link above) where he goes around Chicago in one of the Blackhawks stores basically to see if anyone recognized him. Bro what are you like 400? 500 pounds now? Remember when you could do this:

No shit nobody could recognize you. The vid in that Comcast link opens with the host clearly alluding to Tony’s weight and even stumbles on his words and says “eat” instead of “easily” right after he introduces him as “pretty big star here in Chicago.” One dude legit said right in Tony’s face ALEX ZHAMNOV as fav player from the 90s. WHO THE HELL’S FAVORITE PLAYER IS FUCKIN ALEX ZHAMNOV.
Used to be one of the fastest players in the game and one of America’s greats and now nobody recognizes you.


By Trapp

Just gonna cut right to it. Hossa had a legit bomb last night, a straight up cannon and it just made Quick look even sillier than he possibly could’ve looked already after Big Bick’s goal. But that’s whatever it’s beyond me.

Marian Hossa is not afraid to unleash some serious fire when he winds up for those clappers. He’s been notorious throughout his career using his big body and speed and has been a dominant one on one player. The guy is gettin older for sure and he’s been diggin deep into his repertoire for a shit ton of new tricks to make opposing teams look stupid. Observe:

Bomb 1:

Bomb 2:

Bomb 3:

Bomb 4:

Bomb 5:

Last night’s Game Winning Goal. Straight up snipe bomb. Lord.

Are you kidding with that shot? He straight up yells over to Handzus before the pass, “AYOO MIKE IMMA PLAY THREE BAR, DISH IT!” A play like that can just stun a team, I think Penner’s bad reaction to Pancakes might’ve tweaked his back again IMMEDIATELY from the ferocity in that shot.

Sorry Taylor Stevens and the rest of the Los Angeles Kings but ChiTown will win at the Madhouse on Madison for game 5.