NHL Lookalikes: Alex Semin and Thomas Haden Church

By Trapp

It’s gotta be fuckin just be KILLIN Semdog that Ovi got that Cup and went on an absolute tear celebratin it. Semin what the hell happened to you man? You put up some serious points playin in Washington. Jesus man. You’re lookin like a worn out dude who’s gone through at least two mid life crisis and you’re fuckin like 34.

I’ve been trying to pin it down for a while now who you look like and it’s Thomas Haden Church.

Your NHL career fell about as flat as Spider-Man 3 did. That goddamn scene of Emo-Pete and dancing around in the street. Incase you all forgot it was this absurdly bad moment in time nobody can ever get back:

That third Spider-Man movie easily one of the worst films I’ve ever seen in my entire life and everybody knows I’ve seen a lot of cinema. I’ve been quotin shit since I was 4. I was ahead of the curve then. I saw Showdown in Little Tokyo in 1995. I was 5.

But I digress.

These two look alike.

Also, Semin played drums on Staal’s head:

Johnston Kickin It Up A Notch In Today’s Practice


By Trapp

I love what Dan Rosen writes for NHL.com and what he posts on twitter. All good stuff. I stumble across this and it gave me a good chuckle. I don’t even think this is meant to be funny but to me, it is.

Picturing Johnston explaining to his players what the next drill will consist of and him bein like ‘YO IM GONNA PRETEND TO BE STAAL ON THIS ONE!’

Johnston’s a fuckin weasel who most likely will be fired when the Rangers knock the Penguins out in a couple days. Although I must say he has fit in quite well with the organization in terms of whining a lot ala El Capitano Crosby and always bitching to the refs. 


Nash and Staal Join Zuccarello By Given the Night Off


By Trapp

With two games remaining the rangers will have Nash and Staal out of the lineup and will inser Bourque and Summers. With the President’s Trophy and home ice locked up, now is the time to rest a couple top players. This is Zuccarello’s second straight game off but there is nothing to worry about. 

This time of year all players have bumps and bruises. And given what the Rangers have accomplished, resting some top players will be beneficial because they are in it for the long haul.

new York Rangers 2013-’14 Team Mantra: IN THE FACE

By Doud

Christ its 2 games in and already Cally gets sticked in the face by Kopitar last night, has emergency dental work done (obviously doesn’t miss much of the game), McDonagh took the pill to the chops in Phoenix, Pyatt with a puck to the grill on his first shift last night, and of course Staal commin back from the gruesome puck to eye last March. how bout lets not put our grills in the mix that much? At this rate someone will be beheaded before the home opener. That’s bad for your health I hear.