Yak Is Off To The Kay

By Trapp

Really didn’t take long at all to be honest. I fuckin knew this guy was gonna turn out to be another Daigle. I think a lot of us saw this one coming. Another first overall pick for Edmonton, horrible coaching, no development. It was a recipe for disaster.

A stop in St. Louis, and one last shot with Colorado and jus like that the 2012 former first overall draft pick Nail Yakupov has officially signed a two year deal with KHL’s SKA St. Petersburg. Who knows if he decides to sack up and come back when that deal is complete but his time in the NHL is done after six seasons.

“Yea Pavel.. HA yea it’s me. Comin over to the K… I’m 24…Later.”

Kovalchuk Wins KHL Championship Dressed Like a Ranger


By Doud


Gotta say he looks good in that uni.  Maybe in a couple years when he comes back to North America he can throw on a real Rangers sweater, and if so he would now bring with him championship pedigree.  2 G effort for K-Chuk in Game 5 vs AK Bars Kazan to bring SKA St. Petersberg it’s first Gagarin Cup title over the weekend as they dispatched Kazan in 5.

I like the omen that a team dressed like that won the “cup.”  Couldn’t hurt, Rangers and their fans need all the karma they can get.

Also I straight up need this hat like yesterday:


Today in Things You Can’t Do: Unfurling a Giant Swastika At Center Ice


By Doud

The show, dedicated to the 95th anniversary of the Latvian Republic, preceded Dinamo Riga’s 4-3 victory over Russian team Yugra Khanty-Mansiisk on Sunday. “We didn’t get any complaints from the security department. … Nevertheless, the league requested the event’s script to make sure there was no subtext there,” Kontintental Hockey League vice president Vladimir Shalaev told R-Sport on Thursday.
“I’m a Soviet man and my relatives fought and died in the Second World War, so of course any swastika-like image evokes only negative emotions,” [Russian team Yugra Khanty-Mansiisk director] Andrei Belmach told R-Sport. “But it’s beyond our competence to look into what this symbol really means. I can’t say for 100 percent what it means in Latvia.”

Ill tell you what it means bro: millions slaughtered at the whims of a dictator. Fact. Look it up. Doesn’t matter that it could have separate meaning for whatever given other nationalist group from wherever, fact is that Germans under this flag slapped yellow pieces of flair on every Jewish citizen they could find then shipped them off to perhaps the most horrific deaths unimaginable. Clean it up, KHL.

SIDE NOTE: in this picture I also see bacon, and now I’m hungry.

Straight Fire: Russian Olympic Jerseys

by Doud

So apparently it seems like I’m the only one who likes the USA Unis unveiled the other day which means I’m the only one around here with any kinda style sense. Well if you hated those then the threads that host country Russia will don this winter will make you wanna murder babies, at least their white set will anyway.

Subtly yet not so subtly the Siberian sweaters are laden with their overt intentios of capturing gold a 9th time in front of their home crowd; the whites display their 8 Gold Medals down the right sleeve while the reds display the russian flag trimmed in gold as it’s sleeve stripes along with said 8 gold medals on the shoulder yokes. Everyone’s gonna cringe when the rock the whites but here’s why it’s sick: the entire white of the sweater (body and arms) is a silhouette (big word for you beauts I know) of their 2 headed eagle national crest. Creative and distinct yet simple and stylish for a 2 week tournament that happens once every 4 years. Dope city. Well done Nike, I approve.

Whatever you feel about the unis worn by each country, theres no question the ugliest thng in the tournament will be Phil Kessel..

Kovalchuk: Not A Fan Of The Gays


By Doud

So this is gonna come up a lot leading up to and likely during the Olympics considering they’re being held in a backward ass country that literally has laws in place against being gay. Being that the NHL has been a pioneer in the field of equality on the topic working with the ‘You Can Play’ initiative to promote tolerance of gay athletes everywhere, and endorsed by such stars as Henrik Lundqvist, Stars of the game have already begun to field questions pertaining to their stance on the topic.

Ilya Kovalchuk said this yesterday: “I agree, of course…I’m Russian and we all have to respect that. It’s personal and, like I said, it’s a free world, but that’s our line. That’s our country, so everybody has to respect that.”

So yea it’s a free world where he’s allowed to think what he wants. It’s also a free world (apparently not in Russia however) where people can love how they want. Good call bro. Keep doin you, Russia. Although its entirely possible ‘chuk is just as terrified of the wrath of Putin as probably everyone in Siberia should be, dude is all man.