Good Chance The Earth Will Shake In The Next 24 Hours

by Trapp


We aren’t stupid. Ovechkin, his new girlfriend and Justin Bieber are gonna get so goddamn drunk tonight its legitimately gonna be unbelievable. Every single post this motherfucker has posted it’s been in his native tongue. He knows it too. The only time he speaks in English he literally makes a post to shove it in our face to say he’s gonna party with the Biebs. He even throws in a “.. Haha” in there too. Christ. Listen everyone probably will have Bieber fever at some point in their life. I haven’t had yet but I’m gonna tell you, the Great 8 will tonight. 
UPDATE: Ovechkin better watch out and make sure the Biebs doesn’t pull any moves on his girl. Leo DiCap strong armed the Biebs a month ago at party, prolly learned a thing or two from it.