Jay Q-Ville and His Boys Lookin To Make History Tonight 

by Trapp


Duncan Keith, Jonathan Toews, Patrick Sharp, Niklas Hjalmarsson
4 out of the 7 players that have been a part of the 2 cups since 2010 are in this photo above. The other 3 not pictured are Kane, Seabrook (OCEANSTREAM) and Hossa. Those 7 players are looking to capture their third title in 6 seasons. They are also lookin to clinch and close this shit up tonight on home ice. No Blackhawks team has hoisted Stan on home ice since 1938. The previous two Stanley Cup wins (2010, 2013) were on the road both in a game six. Tonight what lies ahead is another game 6 where their fortunes have been pretty damn good. 

We all saw how good this team was in 2008-2009 when they began their excellence. Joel came in, righted the wrong found themselves competing with Detroit in the Western Conference Finals and then win it all the following season. I’m not surprised  by this team’s success. They know how to win. Corey Crawford has a chance to win his 2nd Stanley Cup and that’s the only thing about this team that boggles my fuckin mind. But, it just shows you how deep this team is year in and year out.

With that being said.

Johnny Toews 1000% Watched Three Ninjas As Much As I Did

By Trapp

photo (2)

Jonathan Toews doin a sweet ass high kick into his pool. He was probably like borderline 5. He seems real determined and got some air.

Below is a picture of myself doing a high kick at my brother’s wedding and still holding my beer I’d like to mention.

photo (3)

This picture is the winner of them all. My buddy Brian Dolan did a high kick SO damn high he kicked the tile on his ceiling…


Also when this happened, Barenaked Ladies “It’s All Been Done” was blasting.