Kovalchuk Wins KHL Championship Dressed Like a Ranger


By Doud


Gotta say he looks good in that uni.  Maybe in a couple years when he comes back to North America he can throw on a real Rangers sweater, and if so he would now bring with him championship pedigree.  2 G effort for K-Chuk in Game 5 vs AK Bars Kazan to bring SKA St. Petersberg it’s first Gagarin Cup title over the weekend as they dispatched Kazan in 5.

I like the omen that a team dressed like that won the “cup.”  Couldn’t hurt, Rangers and their fans need all the karma they can get.

Also I straight up need this hat like yesterday:


Kovalchuk: Not A Fan Of The Gays


By Doud

So this is gonna come up a lot leading up to and likely during the Olympics considering they’re being held in a backward ass country that literally has laws in place against being gay. Being that the NHL has been a pioneer in the field of equality on the topic working with the ‘You Can Play’ initiative to promote tolerance of gay athletes everywhere, and endorsed by such stars as Henrik Lundqvist, Stars of the game have already begun to field questions pertaining to their stance on the topic.

Ilya Kovalchuk said this yesterday: “I agree, of course…I’m Russian and we all have to respect that. It’s personal and, like I said, it’s a free world, but that’s our line. That’s our country, so everybody has to respect that.”

So yea it’s a free world where he’s allowed to think what he wants. It’s also a free world (apparently not in Russia however) where people can love how they want. Good call bro. Keep doin you, Russia. Although its entirely possible ‘chuk is just as terrified of the wrath of Putin as probably everyone in Siberia should be, dude is all man.


Straight Up Gongshow in Newark


By Doud

Newark star ledger:Similarly, Pritchard Sports and Entertainment of Maryland said the Devils “unjustifiably disparaged” the quality of its cleaning services during hearings last year before an American Arbitration Association panel weighing the company’s claim to some $2.3 million in unpaid bills.

In January, the Devils sued Pritchard for negligence, claiming it did a poor job cleaning the arena.

The Devils also claimed that the team had terminated its three-year contract with Pritchard in September 2010 — a claim Pritchard denied.

The termination came two months after the Devils offered their marquee player, Ilya Kovalchuk, an eye-popping 17-year, $102 million contract. That contract was rejected by the NHL and the team signed Kovalchuk to a revised offer of 15 years at $100 million. Kovalchuk retired this summer to return to his native Russia.

After September 2010, Pritchard continued working at the arena without a contract, the team said. The Devils said Pritchard employees showed up for work drunk, slept through shifts, punched in for work and immediately left, and stole from Devils employees.

And, the Devils claimed, Pritchard workers regularly finished off half-empty alcoholic beverages left behind by fans during their cleanup.

“These employees and/or agents were visibly disoriented and could only perform basic work assignments in a shoddy and careless fashion,” according to the lawsuit filed by Devils attorney Murphy Durkin in January.
Pritchard denied the Devils’ claims.

In February, an arbitration panel ordered the team to pay the $2.3 million in outstanding invoices to Pritchard plus 1 percent per month interest, according to court papers filed by Pritchard. In addition, the Devils were ordered to pay Pritchard’s $145,000 in legal fees.

Remember that time in the 80’s when the Great One called the Devs a “Mickey Mouse organization?” Yea pretty much holds true still. It’ll probably turn around now with the new ownership but Christ. That Kovy deal looks even more remarkably awful considering it lead directly to the complete degradation of everything else under that roof.
Serious question though: how was I not aware of the complete cake of a job opportunity of being a Pritchard arena cleaner guy? Literally all of the behavior displayed by their crew I’ve done at multiple jobs in the past, each of which i’ve received promotions. If I worked for them at the rock I woulda climbed their corporate ladder in probably under a month. So basically I should be president of that company by now and instead I’m blogging over here. I’m placing blame on multiple people I know that work and have worked for the devils that I know personally. Bullshit.


By Trapp

It’s an open and shut case.

Ilya Kovalchuk: Case Closed

Guy bolted to Russia, left $77 million bucks. Word?

Myself and fellas over at Beer League Beauts put together a little video to pay tribute to Ilya and his time in New Jersey. Definitely a great day to be a Ranger fan. Peace out playa.


‘Chuk Goin Back To SKA St. Petersberg, Where He’ll basically Wear A Rangers Sweater


By Doud
From Puck Daddy: “Ilya Kovalchuk left $77 million on the table with the New Jersey Devils when he retired from the NHL on Thursday to return to Russia.
According to Pavel Lysenkov of SovSport, Kovalchuk will be making that money up as the premiere star of the KHL – and in short order.
Lysenkov reports that Kovalchuk will be joining SKA St. Petersburg of the KHL, the team for which he played during the NHL lockout. There’s where he will “become the most-paid player in the world,” according to SovSport.
How much? He speculates that if it was “a $15-20 million per year (at the taxation in 13%)” it would not be a surprise. (No word if that’s on the KHL cap or some of it off the books.)
On top of that, Puck Daddy’s Dmitry Chesnokov believes SKA could front-load the contract and pay Kovalchuk an enormous sum of money up front.”

Dude wanted to be a Ranger in 2010 and now at least he’ll look like one playin in his native land. Nice little extra jab at the poor psyche of Devil fans.
Dude didnt wanna come back to the NHL after the lockout ended and stayed a little longer to participate in the KHL All Star Game and he’ll be the highest paid player in the game on this planet. Also this is his wife:
Reeeeaaaly doesn’t suck to be him. Only sucks to be a Devils fan.

Sucks To Be A Devil Fan Today: Kovalchuk Retires Outta NOWHERE.


by Doud

Hey remember that time when one of the most dynamic offensive forces in the NHL in his PRIME signed the most blatant CBA circumbenting contracts with the Devils in 2010? And Bettman punished them with having to choose what year in the following 4 to surrender a first round draft pick?
Remarkable. Got a whole lot outta that awesome 15 year deal. One might say ” well now we have $77 million to sing whoever else..” youre not replacing Ilya Kovalchuk. Not happening. Unless its with a stud first round draft pick…oh wait..