Straight Fire: All 3 Canadian Olympic Sweaters Leak

By Doud

So pretty much everyone hates all the Olympic jerseys that have come out except me, and really I’m always right (especially in this realm) so everyone should defer to my judgement. Really the only thing that sucks about all of these is the fake, printed on laces. Just put real laces or none at all, not all that hard.
The Canadian set is the most simple to date, and they look classy yet bold. Black third is bad ass. I’m sure black pants and helmets will be worn with the reds and whites which makes no sense at all but whatever.
Only apparent oversight that could be bad: the white set has one red band on only the left sleeve…kinda like Nazis. May want to amend that…

Steve Ott Basically Tells Sabres to Fuck Themselves, Unveils New Alt Jersey


By Doud

So if you’ve been following along all summer, the Sabres have been releasing teasers in the form of extreme close ups of parts of their anticipated new alternate sweater. Today they literally dropped this:

Are you fuckin kidding? So Steve Ott had enough and took matters into his own hands:

Steve Ott: man of the people.
As far as the jersey itself, I surprisingly don’t hate it; it’s original and definitely a departure from the “traditional” uninspired looks we’ve seen other teams come out with over the past couple months. Silver lower half of the sleeves suck tho.