The Sedin Twins Played A Game Of Horse Yesterday And It Makes Me Feel Better About My LifeĀ 

by Trapp

For me to really elaborate on this would give me such a migraine and I’m not looking to get into that today. This fuckin New Jersey heat is bad enough. These two are so awkwardly bad I was just laughing the whole time watching it. 

Here’s a picture of them playing soccer. Wish there was video footage of this.

If their game of horse wasn’t orchestrated this way then they are complete failures:

Sweden Rockin Raincoats in Sochi 2014 Games



By Doud

The Islanders will never live down their gorton fisherman logo and jerseys from the mid 90s but Sweden may have joined them with similar scrutiny in the wake of Nike unveiling their sweaters for the upcoming winter games. Last time I checked the games will be held indoors, where it can’t rain, but at least Lundqvist and the Sedins will have somethin to wear while fishing next summer. No word if Nike made the matching hats.