Guy Catches Hank’s Stick Then Takes On All Of New York

By Trapp

Another one in the books. The Rangers won their 6th straight last night, Nash scored a sweet fuckin goal and Hank was setting records and adding another shut out to stats. After the Rangers rejoiced because of another victory Hank was named number 1 star of the game and he tossed his stick into the crowd for a lucky fan to have as a souvenir. Then all hell broke loose. 

You would’ve thought he started World War 9.

Me and my fiancé’s brothers were watching the game and we caught this war live I thought I had heart palpitations I was laughing so hard at this. So glad it made its way onto the Internet. 
This guy was gonna do whatever the hell it took to leave MSG with that staff. I wonder what was going through this guy’s head at this very moment? He may have thought that this was it. 

Matt O’Connor Channels His Inner Bill Buckner, Providence Friars Win NCAA Title


By Doud

Bruins get eliminated, BU blows it…Hell of a weekend for Boston hockey fans huh?

Yo Matt you had it in your glove. There was no opposing pressure anywhere around you and you legit dropped it in your own net. How the hell does that happen? No chance O’Connor shows his face on campus the rest of the semester right? What could have been a national title for Hobey Baker winner Jack Eichel and Boston University turns into a nightmare for the Terrier ‘tendy.

Tom Parisi gets credit for the game tying snipe on his half ice sky hook dump in which turned the tides in The Friar’s favor.  For the second time in 48 hours O’Connor creates a horrific blunder leading to a goal which this time cost his team in the biggest possible spot.  He’s a solid puck stopper but he better not carry this bad habit of mishandling the pill to the show, especially if he ends up on Broadway as Talbot’s replacement as Hank’s backup when Cam is inevitably traded this summer.

All that said, well done and congrats Providence.

Ryan Callahan Will Likely Be Traded. Deal With It.



by Doud


Yes, Ryan Callahan is our captain and sets the tone for hard working, sacrificing the self for the team mentality that has permeated each Rangers team since his arrival on Broadway.  As an impending Unrestricted Free Agent, however, Glen Sather CAN NOT give in to the exorbitant demands of a glorified third liner.


What does Cally do well? Lays his body on the line every night, every play; blocks shots with reckless abandon; consistently leads team and league in hits; stout in all three zones, especially along boards in neutral zone to thwart enemy rushes as well as on the forecheck; unequivocal leader in locker room.  He’s one of those players with great intangibles that teams covet for championship runs.  These are all talents that have justified the ‘C’ on his chest and got him a spot on the USA Olympic squad (we’ll see how such talents parlay on to the bigger ice).  Then why run him out of town?  As an impending UFA who is searching for a long term deal for big money, you simply can not commit the 7 years and large cap hit he desires to a player who is constantly on the IR, does not put up big points, and is undersized.  

For a team that was man handled and out classed by the bigger, faster Bruins in the Eastern Conference Semi’s last spring, Glen Sather has an opportunity to upgrade his club on the ice by bringing in a cheaper, younger, bigger power forward with big offensive upside in the form of Chris Stewart of St. Louis, who although has been inconsistent this season on a top team will likely benefit from a change of scenery into an offensively flowing team such as the Rangers under Alain Vigneault.  Another option would be Jamie McGinn in Colorado, an even younger player who fits the same mold. Fact is, despite the Rangers’ recent surge, they’re doing it on the backs of miniature Mats Zuccarello, here and there center Derrick Brassard who has never been one to throw his body around, and the ever soft and inconsistent Benoit Pouliot.  they need size and skill to go up against Boston and Pittsburgh.  


Now if by some miracle Captain Cally gains rationality comes down on his demands before the trade deadline, by all means re-sign him and keep that leadership in the room.  But what exactly has the leadership in the Rangers’ room ever won?  At some point during the 7 year term of Henrik Lundqvist’s newly minted deal this team needs to become a champion, and as currently constructed it can easily be argued that this rangers team lacks certain tools needed to bring the elusive Stanley to MSG.  Sometimes you have to give to get.




Sweden Rockin Raincoats in Sochi 2014 Games



By Doud

The Islanders will never live down their gorton fisherman logo and jerseys from the mid 90s but Sweden may have joined them with similar scrutiny in the wake of Nike unveiling their sweaters for the upcoming winter games. Last time I checked the games will be held indoors, where it can’t rain, but at least Lundqvist and the Sedins will have somethin to wear while fishing next summer. No word if Nike made the matching hats.

Zuccarello Is Pumped His Mom’s In Town

By Trapp


Last night during the second intermission of the Rangers/Sabres game Al Trautwig interviewed Mats Zuccarello. Zuke mentioned how his mom’s in town pretty much wipin his ass and folding clothes; shit my mom did for me when I was like 4. Been fending for myself like a man since. But Zuccarello mentioned that she cooks for him and she’s been cooking him meatloaf. Immediately and obviously only one possible thing popped in my head the second he said his mom cooks him meatloaf.

This Doesn’t Come As Much Of A Shocker

By Trapp

“New York Rangers forward Arron Asham and goaltender Martin Biron have been placed on waivers. The move was reported by The (Bergen) Record and confirmed by general manager Glen Sather. Biron, 36, is 0-1-0 in two games, but has allowed nine goals on 38 shots for a 7.61 goals-against average and .763 save percentage. He’s in his fourth season as Henrik Lundqvist’s backup. Asham, 35, has no points, a minus-3 rating and 14 penalty minutes in three games.”


So far nothing has really gone right for the Rangers since training camp. It could be worse being a Devil fan considering they are winless and worthless but they at least they didn’t get smoked two games in a row. With the long Western trip now finished the Rangers come back East to practice in New York and sleep in their own beds for a night or two before hittin the road to Washington. They’ll be travelling without Biron, guy got waived today, same wit Asham. None of this is a surprise. Biron let in and has let in a number of softies in Rangers tenure, and Asham just doesn’t bring anything to the table for this particular team. It’s not right to point fingers right now especially with a team that hasn’t played well at all since the fluke game in Los Angeles. BUT, things will get better for the Rangers.  I have a strong feeling they will turn it around. I had a couple meltdowns after the Sharks and Ducks beatdowns but, the Rangers were resilient in St. Louis the other night. So with that being said, we’ll see what the Rangers moves will be regarding the two roster holes now. Will they give Cam Talbot a shot from Hartford? Sign Johan Hedberg? Pick up a player off waivers for the fourth line spot or just work within the organization? Who knows what can I say it’s beyond me…

Maybe they’ll pull a wildcard and just sign Brad Tolliver.

Would be pretty remarkable if this is how Sather told Biron and Asham broke the news they were being waived: