Did Anyone Else See This Guy?

By Trapp


After Rick Nash’s filthy goal this afternoon they show a brief celebration by Nash and Co and the camera cuts to this fuckin guy for like a second then back to the rangers. He was the ONLY ranger fan in that area for like 5 sections.

Nash Goal in Ottawa Toyad

Immediately after the goal this exchange then took place:


Steve Stamkos Is So Damn Good It’s Absurd

By Trapp

This guy’s shooting percentage is dumb. By dumb I mean really fuckin good. He scored 60 goals in 2012 I mean come on. He performs sorcery on multiple nights of the week in Tampa and his team is doing pretty well to start this season.

This one just isn’t fair

This is what Marty St. Louis says all day

Did Byfuglien Do Acid That Night?

By Trapp



Straight up. Is Dustin Byfuglien braindead?

There’s just so much stupidity in this video. Buff, you’re an idiot if you’re unaware of your strength. You’re known for shooting 100 miles per hour. You thought it would be a bright idea to unload a slapshot from the blue line at an open net taking a chance at hitting some of your OWN teammates for the empty net goal and somehow didn’t castrate Alex Steen with the block and then when the play is now turned the other way for a breakaway for St. Louis in the dying seconds of the game you swing your stick at Andy McDonald with one hand like Double D Lewis with a tomahawk from the Last of the Mohicans and hit McDonald on the skull/side of the ear, a guy who had a history of numerous concussions who now in 2013 is retired from the game of hockey in his mid thirties?