Line Brawls Are Awesome and Fighting Should Never Be Removed From Hockey

By Trapp

Sunday night AHL matchup between the Providence Bruins and the Hartford Wolf Pack. Shit got out of hand fast and resulted in a line brawl between the two teams. Bruin’s tender Malcolm Subban was involved in the action tonight not only postin saves and not allowin any goals but he was throwin some hay makers as he fought Wolf Pack goalie Scott Stajcer. Jesus, PK’s brother can honestly hold his own good shit dude.

Here’s a link to the game summary, scroll down to check out the Penalty summary…my God that is a full sheet

Here’s Subban vs Stajcer

I’m all about fighting in the game hockey. I do believe it still serves a purpose in the game. It’s awesome to see teammates stick up for each other especially if shit gets out of hand. Then we shift gears towards a much bigger scale and that being line brawls. They can be tricky; some times alot of stupid shit goes on. During the playoffs in 2012 when the Flyers and Penguins faced eachother in the opening round everyone pretty much knew it was going to be a borderline blood bath. It was pretty much whoever survives that round would eventually meet their maker in the second and it turned out to be Philly. We also saw a lot of bad goals let up by Fleury which molded him into the swiss cheese he is today. Regardless, there were a couple line brawls during that round which lead to Craig Adams squaring off with Scotty Hartnell. Adams pulled his fuckin hair when they fought. Those are things you don’t do:


Another remarkable line brawl occurred also in 2012 when the Rangers faced off against the Devils at the Garden. I knew as soon as Stuey Bicks was taking the opening face off some type of shit was goin to go down.

Listen, hockey is a violent sport, people are going to get hurt but that’s a given in any sport. Fighting has had its place in this sport for the longest time and it should remain in the sport because one little fight in a boring game can turn it into a heated matchup and create a lot of passion. Too bad if you think fighting is too violent and that we have to worry about it more because of player safety and that enforcers will no longer have a place in this game in a couple years. Here’s what I have to say….



By Trapp

LA down 2-0 to ChiTown goin back to the Staples Center. They gotta get a win tonight if they want stay alive. They gotta do it without one of their main catalysts Mike Richards.

Pretttttty sure Mike’s concussed. So yeah definitely don’t play.

“That’s a smart move Mike.”

There are positives to this situation. Although LA is back in their barn infront of their fans, this means one other thing:

The Return of Taylor Stevens


She’s that B pornstar that gets tickets behind the visitors bench. Annnnnnd the Kings win alot when she’s got those bombs out on display for the visiting players to pay more attention to than what’s at stake. For Christ sake Pete DeBoer aka ‘K Pax’ needs to acknowledge those jugs.

If Taylor’s in attendance for the next two games and LA’s on the winning side, ummmm then that’s some serious shit.

Now, officially the NHL will not take any position on the religious implications of these phenomena. But personally, I think it’ll be a sign from God, but don’t quote me on that.

Ranger fans be like..

by Doud

Rangers actually pulled it out last night somehow. Now part of my Memorial Day weekend is shot cuz I doubt they’ll have the game on down at Djai’s but whatever I’m still gonna watch and get fucked up. At least its a 5:30 game and not later.

And chill in my personal pool.
Which is really just a child pool.
If you don’t know bout personal pools I don’t wanna know you as a person.
L I V I N.