Must’ve Sucked to be Gary on Sunday

By Trapp 


It was truly something out of a movie.

You have your piece of shit villain, Gary Bettman, who in real life is a terrible person. You have your underdog hockey player in John Scott who is being pulled in two different directions. Should he play in the All Star Game that the fans voted him in to or listen to the naysayers?

After a Players Tribune article came out it turns out the naysayers were in fact people who run the league and particular General Managers. And once they threw at him and asked that if he participated in the game would it be something his children were ‘proud of’. Scott says fuck that and that lights a fire. He moves forward and is now set to captain the Pacific Division. 

With 5 career goals, multiple suspensions, trades to different teams and cities, uprooting his family on several occasions. It hasn’t been a glamorous NHL career that someone like Jonathan Toews enjoys. Regardless Scott takes this probably once in a lifetime opportunity.

As typical as a Hollywood ending goes for a story about the underdog: John Scott scores two goals and is the MVP of the All Star Game. He also given a classic lift from his teammates and had his ‘Rudy’ moment. Easily the best All Star Game in recent memory. He stuck it to the naysayers, he burned Jeremy Roenick on the bench in an interview. 

Must’ve felt pretty sweet taking that million dollar check from Gary Bettman’s hands after being named MVP of the game he tried keeping John Scott from.


Spin-O-Rama Goals Outlawed


By Doud

Hey remember that time Strome and Bailey embarrassed Marty on back to back shootout spin goals for the win? No? Well that’s cool cuz YouTube exists:

That was a cool day.  Unfortunately we won’t have the privilege of seeing any of these dope moves going further.  From the NHL:

Rule 24 – Penalty Shot

The ‘Spin-O-Rama’ move, as described in Section 24.2 of the 2013-14 NHL Rule Book, will no longer be permitted either in Penalty Shot situations or in the Shootout.

Sucks.  Cry more about it, goalies.  NHL apparently wants to protect the ‘tenders from gettin their feelings hurt now in addition to constant protection from injury. Here’s my question: is it still legal on a regular break away? I NEED to see someone score that way on opening night.  Preferably against Schneider.

Like 6 years ago or so when Jason Blake beat the Devils and Scott Clemenson on the same move in Toronto legit the next day John Madden came into my former place of business and i asked him how he felt about it to which he replied, ” Sick move.  Whatever he can do for the win.”  He loved to elaborate.

I guess less highlights are cool.  Bettman doing it big per usual.

NHL Approves Hybrid Icing

By Trapp

Haven’t checked out the twit show and when I see my swen deef all I see is hybrid icing blowin up.


I don’t like it. It sucks seein players injured in the foot race to the puck on a delayed icing call but with that being said I hope the officials get this call right especially in Montreal. Probably won’t happen there because it’s Montreal. I don’t know there are alot of things that are taking place now in the game that I just shake my head at. I still think the puck over the glass is the dumbest rule; unless my team scores a powerplay goal with the ensuing man advantage. I think it’s complete crap now that you are given a delay of game for having your jersey tucked in as well as being given an extra two minutes for fighting without a helmet on. Let them fight. They are fighting at their own tisk. I don’t think fighting should ever be taken out of the game and I guarantee in the next ten years fighting wont exist in the NHL.

Eventually we are gonna see one of these weak penalties dictate a game or even a team’s season. When’s Bettman have advertisements be put on team’s sweaters?

Tonight Should Be Interesting


By Trapp

Game 3 tonight in Boston. I think I can speak for everyone when I say that I’ve been waiting anxiously for this game ever since game 2. It’s fuckin great to see the Penguins lose in such fashion.

Vokoun let up a goal every 4 shots and it was remarkable. 12 shots 3 goals. Yeah good job bro. You got Danny B on the bench probably shittin his pants as he comes to a realization that it could be 18-0 at the end of the first. He makes the bold move and brings in Fleury who hadn’t played since the Islander series. It just gets better and better.

Marchand made Fleury look dumb on the first shot that he faced. Have a look.

Good Lord what a shot. This chick loves it too.

Brad Marchand

I guess Fleury’s stellar return didn’t merit him the starting position tonight. Tommy Voks got the OK from Danny B and is in between the pipes tonight. The Tom Doud Bank Garden is not an easy building to play in soooooo if the B’s go up 3-0 after tonight this shit’s over. And in no way is that depressing.