I Spy A Legend In The ’92 US v Canada Media All Star GameĀ 

by Trapp

Today is apparently left Handers day and the man, the myth, the legend John Giannone posted this on his Twitter:  

Here’s the full size picture:

His beer league look is exceptional. I feel like I’ve written several posts about my encounter with John at the Flying Puck after a ranger game in the city. Myself and my beer league team hung out with Giannone for an entire night and it was just an awesome time. The guy is a real dude and a good man. We all hung out told stories, talked hockey and he and I yelled GET IT.. Truly a remarkable time.

Because today is Left Handers Day, everything has to be done today your left hand. 

Easily One of the Greatest Nights in Human History

By Trapp

The crew of Beauts that I embarked to the Ranger game with on Tuesday night was nothing short of remarkable. Many chirps were proclaimed as well as memorable quotes from many great movies. For instance, upon drinking a reeb, our boy Syle Kala announced in Wet Bandit fashion, while raising his beer: “Crow bars up!” It was that kind of night.

Anyway…my Rangers/MSG record has yet again to be prove that I every time I’m in attendance they lose. But with every loss I attend, it is instantly made up for at the Flying Puck, and that’s exactly what happened Tuesday night after the Lightning defeated the Rangers 2-1…

After the game myself and 10 other Beauts head to the Flying Puck Bar and Grill… We’re drinkin reeb tellin fart jokes and having a great time…and then it happened: In comes John Giannone.

I went over, introduced myself, invited him over to where we were all hanging out and before you know it, he is hanging out with us for the remainder of the night. This guy is a true beaut, he hung around with my group of people for literally over an hour. We were all hangin around havin a couple reebs and havin a great time. This guy is a great dude. He had some funny stories for us, I even busted his chops about catching an edge and whipin out during player introductions for a benefit game that he was in at the Garden.

Here’s a nice shot of the Beauts and John


What made this night more memorable than ever was I asked him to yell GET IT with me and he accepted the invitation immediately:


Overall he is a great guy with tons of hockey knowledge and it was real cool how down to earth he is. Cheers.