By Trapp


Well if you’re a Ranger fan you’re probably very happy with the team’s performance tonight. They came out hard on the puck, pressured LA into turnovers and capitalized on chances even 200 feet away from the net. Brad Richards netted two and continues his strong start to the season and Ryan McDonagh got the insurance goal to put the team up 3-1 shorthanded when he fired the puck off the boards down the ice to what would be a routine play for a goalie like Quick, goes paddle down, puck bounces off his blocker and into the cage. That shit’s gonna be all over ESPN tomorrow dude good job. From one American to Another…don’t do that shit in the olympics this year because there are alot more Americans in this world than LA Kings fans alright buddy. So let’s call a spade a spade.

Like I said, if you’re a Ranger you have to be happy with the teams bounce back performance after that shit turnout in Phoenix last week. As a Ranger fan, it was shitty to watch because I think Phoenix sucks and I wish Shane Doan would just retire because he’s terrible.

With that being said, with Callahan back and the team settling into their new system I can’t help it but……

Kaner/Gagne Sportscenter Commercial

By Doud

Only time you’ll ever see hockey on ESPN: in a damn commercial.

Also its pretty much common to sing the tune in beer league, albeit usually in a sarcastic manner to some bender-ass play.

Next Summer I’m Goin To BioSteel Camp

By Trapp

Every summer ex NHL player, 1989 Stanley Cup winner and fitness guru Gary Roberts holds a legit hockey camp for NHL players. This camp produces results. Allow me to preface: Stamkos had a mediocre rookie season, chilled with Gary, now he pots 50-60 a year. Point is, the work outs that “G ‘Berts” puts these players through is amazing. Roberts was always a player that was in great shape and each summer the same faces are goin to his camp as well many new ones. It’s pretty cool to see what these guys go through in the off season and to see so many players from different teams come together and literally just hang out, lift, and skate all day. Maybe Gary can turn my Beer League career around if I end up goin to this camp.

The end of the video looks like the slime from Ghostbusters 2


Francesa Has No Idea Who John Buccigross Is


By Doud

Par for the course for Mike.

The burgeoning feud between Francesa and Bucci, which started yesterday afternoon in the wake of Mike claiming he and only he broke the Tortorella story, is glorious. Yea bro John Buccigross is just a faceless nobody that happens to work for ESPN maybe in a basement somewhere. Prob just tryin to make a name for himself. No way he ever anchored Sportscenter or NHL2night. Nobody plays along with the dude’s NHL over time challenges on Twitter ever. Yea bro I’m sure you never pay attention to the world wide leader in the industry that you are employed in. All info just comes to you through osmosis.