The Sedin Twins Played A Game Of Horse Yesterday And It Makes Me Feel Better About My LifeĀ 

by Trapp

For me to really elaborate on this would give me such a migraine and I’m not looking to get into that today. This fuckin New Jersey heat is bad enough. These two are so awkwardly bad I was just laughing the whole time watching it. 

Here’s a picture of them playing soccer. Wish there was video footage of this.

If their game of horse wasn’t orchestrated this way then they are complete failures:

Game Blouses

By Trapp


Rangers take their two games at Yankee Stadium with two conference and divisional wins.

Danny Carcillo broke a 1-1 tie in the third period which proved to be the game winner. Final score 2-1 over the Islanders.


Only 48 hours separate the two teams from playing eachother again. Puck drops between the two clubs again Friday night at the Garden.