Call to John: The Saga Continues

By Trapp

It’s now time for John Tavares to make a choice. And the correct choice is to leave the Islanders.

John and his camp are set to meet this week at his agency’s location in Los Angeles. He’s got a list of five different teams he’s going to be meeting with as well as the Islanders before July 1st. The five teams are Dallas, Boston, San Jose, Toronto and Tampa Bay. Pierre LeBrun mentioned in a tweet that Tavares “will have phone conversations with 2-3 other teams and perhaps meet with two of them.” So there are other teams in the mix outside of those six teams mentioned above. Vegas is definitely in there, maybe New Jersey.

It is possible that John says fuck it all and re-signs with the Islanders for eight more years getting that extra year. I don’t know where the fuck he’s gonna end up. He’s gonna stay in New York or go somewhere else. You would think that if he was completely sold on Lou coming in hot and bringing in Bad Boy Barry then the deal would be done to stay with the Islanders. But who knows. Just don’t go to Toronto. Fuck that team.

Here’s all the Islander fans right now:



Kari Lehtonen Gives No Shits


by Doud

Dallas pretty much took a dump on Calgary last night and servedd them their pancakes with Seguin puttin up a 4 spot in the G column, (didnt take his cock out like Thornton would though), Bamie Jenn rackin up 5 apples as well as a dope goal himself and Kari stopping 25 shots. They pretty much hit the Easy button and mailed that one in, and Kari got bored like Prince and sat his fat ass on the net to end the road rout because that’s what he does. Trolling the Flames in grand fashion.

I wonder if the Stars challenged the Flames to a game of basketball late night after everyone left the Saddledome.


By Trapp

Last night 10/28/13 marked a special night in hockey. Lindy Ruff now the coach of the Dallas Stars played his first game in Buffalo as an opposing coach for the first time in 14 years. That’s pretty special stuff to coach a team for that long, it’s unfortunate the yug never got to win the Stanley Cup all those years in BuffNation. Also in that game tonight was the debut of Matt Moulson who was acquired yesterday by the Buffalo Sabres from the New York Islanders in exchange for Thomas Vanek. Islanders gave up a good amount to get him so hopefully it pays off for them. Matt Moulson was a well liked guy in that lockerroom, let’s see how this affects the team and overall his dude Johnny Tavs.

7777136-300x3948-3-11 Matt Moulson signing 020
Moulson scored two damn goals in his debut for Buff tonight. Doesn’t really matter because he’ll be dealt at the deadline, maybe even sooner.

Tonight was also the home opener for the New York Rangers against the Montreal Canadiens. This comes after a 9 game road trip which was pretty much a nightmare for the team and fans. After the first period I gave the edge to the Rangers but the officiating took over the game for a couple questionable calls. Won’t get into great detail but apparently Brian Boyle should’ve just allowed the opposing player to skate gingerly through the neutral zone instead of bodying him up? And also Chris Kreider shouldn’t make attempts to stay onside just go offside? Regardless the Rangers ended up losing the game 2-0.

In other news: Chicago beat the shit out of Minnesota again, Canucks won, Saku Koivu probably has a concussion after the Brandon DubDub hit which was clean by the way, Robbie Scuds has a broken ankle and will miss a shit ton of time from the Penguin lineup, Hanzal is suspended again, Vanek will play for the Islanders tonight and Carl Hagelin will play for the Rangers tonight.

Tonight’s games:

That’s Right, And It’s The Choice Of A New Generation



G Units Newest Member Needs Some Work

By Trapp


Hockey Hall of Famer Mike Modano went on 105.3 FM The Fan in Dallas and he rapped 50 Cent’s classic song “In Da Club”. It was a segment called Yo! Roger Raps! Mike comes in spittin at 1:30 of the video. I feel like if Curtis heard this rendition of the track he’d pull Mike to the side and tell him he really needs to work of his delivery. Mike can dish it out on the ice but I don’t know about in the vocal booth.

While we’re on the subject, I really wanna hear Mike lay down some vocals for this track; especially ODB’s part…

heres Something We All Kinda Know: Jagr is Sorta Weird


By Doud

Jaromir Jagr does whatever the fuck he wants. From drivin 200 mph, to gambling everywhere he can, to signing with the Flyers instead of Montreal or Pittsburgh in 2011, and makin delicious peanut butter, the fuckin guy is a GEM. All that plus dopest hands in the history of the game hands down end of debate that wasn’t even a debate and speed and the fact that he basically resurrected the Rangers in 2006 are reasons why hes one of my favorites ever.
The pic above is a screen cap of a video he posted on his official Facebook page the other day of him speaking in Czech and rockin enormous shades for no reason all for the purpose of informing the masses that his next stop in his career would be announced today. We’l soon find out I guess but for now just bask in the friggen weird glory that is Jagr.