Grabovski Refers To Ex Teammate As A ‘Musketeer’

By Trapp


Yeah a musketeer who sucks at being a musketeer. Kessel would be the weakest musketeer of all time. If Kessel was a musketeer and they made costumes that portrayed Kessel and they were sold at like Party City, they wouldn’t sell. Even a six year old would realize that Kessel would be a terrible musketeer. Chuck Sheen was a bad ass Musketeer from the 1993 film “The Three Musketeers”.



Also, I love Grabovski’s closing remarks:

“I don’t care about that team. Who cares? My team is here.”




Vince Vaughn Gettin Wild With Duncan Keith And Some Other Guy

By Trapp


I need to seriously be involved with some organization that wins the Stanley Cup. It’s just a nonstop party all summer with Stan. Every night going out with your teammates and just having a great time with the best in the business. It could literally be that no one cared who were you until you won the cup and that’s ok. Vince Vaughn’s shirt is straight up drenched in beer.

Safe To Say Duncan Keith Watches The Last Of The Mohicans

By Trapp

If anybody saw last night’s LA ChiTown game then you can agree with me that Keith displayed some cunning instinct attack skills when Ffejj Retrac decided to play coy and try and knock his glove away. Knocking the glove away is a great move if you can do it nonchalant and/or it’s against Bitch Boy Sindy Coxby. BUT, I gotta tell you, I give credit where and when it’s due and when Sindy knocked Voracek’s glove away last year in the ‘yoffs it was pretty funny. So blatantly obvious:

Nice one Sid BUUUUUUT what goes around comes around guy:

Fuckin Bob Errey blows his load OOOOOH LOOK OUT OOOH. Bro shut up.

So yeah, Duncan Keith may or may not have watched The Last of the Mohicans before last’s nights reallllly important game. I gotta tell ya, that movie rules pretty hard. Danny Day Lew is the man in the movie and I think I know what Keith’s favorite part is:

With that being said, there are three things:
-Attempting to the knock the glove away
-Knocking the glove away
-Doing any of the above and it’s done toward Duncan Keith

My God.

Tonight Should Be Interesting


By Trapp

Game 3 tonight in Boston. I think I can speak for everyone when I say that I’ve been waiting anxiously for this game ever since game 2. It’s fuckin great to see the Penguins lose in such fashion.

Vokoun let up a goal every 4 shots and it was remarkable. 12 shots 3 goals. Yeah good job bro. You got Danny B on the bench probably shittin his pants as he comes to a realization that it could be 18-0 at the end of the first. He makes the bold move and brings in Fleury who hadn’t played since the Islander series. It just gets better and better.

Marchand made Fleury look dumb on the first shot that he faced. Have a look.

Good Lord what a shot. This chick loves it too.

Brad Marchand

I guess Fleury’s stellar return didn’t merit him the starting position tonight. Tommy Voks got the OK from Danny B and is in between the pipes tonight. The Tom Doud Bank Garden is not an easy building to play in soooooo if the B’s go up 3-0 after tonight this shit’s over. And in no way is that depressing.