If You’re Near Chicago You Probably Wanna Party With This Man

by Trapp


He made a guarantee at the parade when he approached the microphone that everyone should “watch out for me next week!” 

He’s just gettin started. He’s gonna kick things into 48th gear. My friend and his girlfriend actually live in Chicago so they should absolutely make the right decision and watch out for Pat. 

Crawford Promises He Wouldn’t Swear at Cup Parade, Swears at Cup Parade.

By Doud

Chicago Tribune: “I’m going to try to be a little more professional,” Crawford said. “I owe it to all the mothers in the crowd.”

However, moms still might want to be on guard. When told Sharp suggested getting him a muzzle, Crawford said: “That’s probably a pretty (expletive) good idea.”

Man of his word.

But really though, fuck the moms.  Cup champs do and say as they please.

Jim Cornelison vs Rene Rancort

By Doud

Ok so we’re 4 games into the Finals and we’ve had battles of epic proportions especially in the pregame ceremonies. Each city’s treasured acoustic muscle has been flexed on dual occasions apiece so we must crown a champion.
Jim Cornelison (Chi-Town) vs. Rene Rancort (Boston)
Who ya got.

My votes goin to Jim. Lucious Pipes. Rancort is all show.

P.S. it really doesnt matter cuz the answer is John Amirante:


by Doud

Do you even lift bro? Sweet cut off Toews shirt dude. 0 chance you flexed and the sleeves fell off. Clean it up. I may be white but these idiots are WHITE (despite their decent at best rap skills). The only thing worse than this is Bieber rockin a bruins hat so that is Chicago’s only reprieve.