Kevin Bieksa and Ray Finkle Both Can’t Kick

By Trapp

After Kreider and the Rangers ruined Tortorella’s return back to the Garden, in¬†typical Kevin Bieksa douchebaggery fashion he starts some sort of bullshit like a player of his caliber would do at the end of the game. He and Boyle drop the mits…at least Bieksa did. Boyle kept one on? Most likely didn’t wanna square off after his fight with Chara in Boston yesterday. Chara literally picked him up from a scrum and had his way wit him. What can I say it’s beyond me. Two refs stepped in between Bieksa throwing Boyle around which had zero effect on Kev, he was then on a mission to take off Boyle’s helmet. Bieksa is successful and then surprises us by punting Boyle’s¬†helmet like 5 feet.

Yo Kev, laces out bro.

Imagine Bieksa caught up with Boyle in the hallway after the game and did this…

Look Who’s Back From The Dead

By Trapp

Cam Ward has returned once again from another friggin injury. The former Conn Smythe winner was taken off the IR last night when the Bruins were in town to play the Hurricanes. I didn’t watch the game but I got the highlights and it wasn’t that great of a return because he let up 4 g notes and his team lost. He made a pretty sweet save though in front by stopping Soupy real tight in front from a sick feed from Paille.

Jim Cornelison vs Rene Rancort

By Doud

Ok so we’re 4 games into the Finals and we’ve had battles of epic proportions especially in the pregame ceremonies. Each city’s treasured acoustic muscle has been flexed on dual occasions apiece so we must crown a champion.
Jim Cornelison (Chi-Town) vs. Rene Rancort (Boston)
Who ya got.

My votes goin to Jim. Lucious Pipes. Rancort is all show.

P.S. it really doesnt matter cuz the answer is John Amirante: