Yea Well McDavid’s Back

By Trapp

Listen I’m just gonna say this: Yug misses 37 games… First game back… He does this… Holy God.

He scored ALOT of goals like the one in the video above when he played for the Erie Otters.

Joonas Korpisalo more than likely shit himself when he saw McDavid emerge through the entire team and all that was left was him. 

Does Anyone Honestly Care About the Toronto Maple Leafs?

By Trapp


What a mess: first Coach Carlyle gets the axe, Kadri over sleeps gets suspended, Booth and Kessel get into fight at practice. And now Eric’s secretary is in a coma…


I don’t ever wish upon a team what I went through as a Ranger fan during the dark ages aka 1997-2004. If it’s gotta happen it should happen to the Leafs because of this guy:


Hey Boston:

By Doud

Seriously though. But really with that ending. I swear I’ve seen a lotta shit in my time but DAMN. Not sure if I’ve ever seen the Cup legit stolen like that. Unreal. Bruins are basically “HEY HONEY I’M WINNING I’M WINNING..AND I’M DEAD.”
Toronto commin in HOT:
Fuckin karma bro.