Shaw Ain’t About Multiple Trips; Get Enough Beer For Entire Team In One Shot

 By Trapp


Rocky Wirtz is seen here giving an interview and Andrew Shaw is seen here as well. Goes to show you how good of a teammate Shaw really is by how many fuckin beers he’s carrying out onto the ice. I mean they could also all just be for him but whatever. Remarkable photo and it was just an overall awesome game to watch. 

Ovechkin’s Off Season Workout: May Edition 

By Trapp


It was another underwhelming performance in the post season for the Great 8. It was also another  failure yet again to lead any team of his passed the second round of the playoffs in his 10 year career. He even had the Messier-like balls to make a game 7 guarantee victory. 

He’s now taking time to reflect on what could’ve been: 

By chillin with a bunch of dudes at a spa drinkin reeb

TACO CANNON…I REPEAT: TACO. CANNON.–taco-cannon-coming-to-omaha-hockey-arena-518783680

by Doud

Ya know what’s stupid as fuck?  When everyone in an arena loses their shit ‘cuz t-shirts are up for grabs and shot into the crowd.  Literally every single one of you idiots are WEARING a t-shirt.

Ya know what’s awesome as FUCK?! TACOS. Just in general.  The University of Nebraska-Omaha is kickin shit up a notch by introducing, along with their brand new barn, a goddamn TACO CANNON TO SHOOT TACOS AT MOTHERFUCKERS.  Now THAT’S an in-game promotional giveaway I can get behind.  Because when I think Hispanic cuisine, what better place to look than Omaha Nebraska.  And at a hockey game no less.  Whatever man, I’d be legitimately throwing smaller folk out of my path toward an airborne taco with reckless abandon if I was given the chance.  Good job UNO.  Hockey, beer, tacos.  That’s doin shit the right way.

Ryan Callahan Didn’t Score In The Shootout…Weird

By Trapp


The guy who is a bonafide 3rd line forward who scores 40 points a season and was asking for north of $6 mil per season was called upon by his new club to score and extend the shootout last night. And whatyaknow, he did his predictable bender leg kick move then attempted to stuff it in far post on the forehand. The goalie made the save look non chalant and that was the end of the game.

Callahan’s shit move is what I used to practice when I was a squirt in 1999 because I was 10 years old and a squirt. Not 28 and in the National. You should have better moves especially for a guy who apparently is a winner (hasn’t won jack shit) and wants to join the $6 million dollar club…

Dude Pisses At Yankee Stadium Last Night, Where it Was Cold


By Doud

Beer and hockey just flat out go hand in hand, as you can tell by the name of this blog site. I was in the Bronx last night where the bathroom lines were long as fuck and the beer lines were even longer, and I’dbe lying if i told you it didn’t cross my mind to leak out all over the house that Steinbrunner’s dough built. Everyone pregamed hard as both Stan’s and Billy’s were unmanageably packed and clearly this dude takes the cake as the drunkest guy in the stadium. Clearly it was pretty damn cold too. Bro, clean it up, at least turn the other way so you’re not sunning literally 50,000 onlookers.

PS Rangers pajama pants chick is likely a smoke

Derek Roy Likes To Get Real Weird

By Trapp

We’ve all had our fair share of embarrassing moments having too much to drink especially a night out on the town. Me and my friends have had some pretty wild nights but we like chicks and we don’t do weird shit that Derek Roy does.


Roy’s teammates must’ve gone out with him a night or two ago which could explain the Blues performance last night. They looked like complete dog shit against the Sharks.