Tavares, Islanders Join nWo



By Doud

Well you knew this was coming, there was no way the isles would move to Brooklyn and not want to jump on the Nets’ all black everything bandwagon to attempt to drum up the BK Hipster fandom.  Lets get one thing clear off the top: if you say you hate this look your’re wrong and Kevin Nash, Hollywood Hogan and Scott Hall will fuck you up.  Its a solid uniform set head to toe with a simplistic, yet iconic jersey design with the four pinstripes on the sleeves representing the only time they’ve ever been relevant  …well you know what it represents.  The NY logo is bold and front and center and is honestly a great look.  The BKLYN helmet logos are a bit of a mouthful but fit the overall motif they’re goin for of “yo we play in Brooklyn now so get over it.”

Having said that is Barclay’s Center actually a prison?  Or does this look just re-iterate that Islander fans won’t show up to Brooklyn and they anticipate the place being as silent as a mime? Perhaps its a dark representation that the Islanders are in fact dead considering that name is nowhere to be found on this uni.  We all know Brooklyn is hipster as fuck but didn’t realize how emo it apparently is (I could go on and on). Either way it’s yet another large departure from the solid and iconic blue and orange uniform/color set that the Isles have always had, which along with the Oilers is up there as best in the game, and that’s the only reason why Islander die-hards might deride them.  That, and all the other reasons I listed in this paragraph.

Players On The Ice In The Area

By Doud

HUZZAH! Camps are open, players hit the ice today (yesterday was all about off ice physical testing and media availability), preseason starts Monday, and the ’14 campaign is basically underway. I’m veerrry aroused. Quick pics from the morning this far:

Apparently the Devils think its cool to rock game uni’s during practice

The ‘ders are pretty much christening the Barclays center as their new home already holding camp there and playin the Devs in Brooklyn on the 21st. Probably the first time they’ll ever feel like a major league sports team

How much does it suck to be Scott fuckin Wedgewood. Clearly not makin the team standing there in front of goddamn Brodeur thinkin “..well fuck. I should probably just go home.”

I’m Lending Out My Wifey Alyonka To Matty Martin Tonight


By Doud

We all know that me (not trapp) and Larionov’s daughter have been dating since we locked eyes at the garden back in January. Tonight she’s doin her thing at the VMA’s for BCTV along with Islander Matty Martin. Am I worried? Nope. Alyonka’s as much a true professional as I am a true man, and I’m all man. Sometimes she can’t even handle it. And Martin’s an Islander and they’re hardly a true team. So yea basically he’s terrified of me as he should be and she’ll see right past his glorious flow while I watch on my ass at home.