John Moore Got Walked By Oveckin For His First Highlight Reel Goal of The SeasonĀ 

by Trapp

Alex Ovechkin is fuckin good. Plain and simple. He scores highlight goals more often than not and I think we’re all so used to these by now. But, nothing pleases me more than him dancing around Devils defenseman and embarrassing whatever goal they have in net. Last year the Great 8 danced around Merrill and beat Schneider and it looked a little something like this:

And finally here’s what he decided to do last night to be his first goal of the 2015-2016 season. Already a goal of the year candidate.

Keith Kinkaid had no chance on that one.


It’s ok the Keith Kincaid from Bowfinger has some advice for you.

Ovechkin’s Off Season Workout: May EditionĀ 

By Trapp


It was another underwhelming performance in the post season for the Great 8. It was also another  failure yet again to lead any team of his passed the second round of the playoffs in his 10 year career. He even had the Messier-like balls to make a game 7 guarantee victory. 

He’s now taking time to reflect on what could’ve been: 

By chillin with a bunch of dudes at a spa drinkin reeb

Even If You’re Not A Ranger Fan This Is Really Good Stuff

By Trapp

I am in fact a Ranger fan and this is a really great video for any Ranger fan or even a hockey fan. Sick video like this captures the behind the scenes moments and events that take place before a game. This footage is obviously taken from the 2011-2012 season where the Rangers and Flyers were featured on the HBO Sports special 24/7. Very excited especially for this season to get underway because myself, Doud and our Beer League colleagues will be able to cover an entire 82 game NHL season including the Winter Classic and the other plethora of outdoor games, the 2014 Olympics in Sochi and of course the Stanley Cup Finals.

Ovechkin will be lookin to take names and kick some ass in Sochi. Defend that turf dog.
Russia v Canada - Gold Medal Game

The latter two are clearly a ways away anyway. With that being said we are very pumped up for each team to start their training camps and see what yugs make teams and shit. I’ve been feelin a bit saucy lately so crack open a beer, listen to this track below and watch some Sunday night HBO in 45 minutes.