Beer League Beauts was founded by Chris Doud and Brian Trapp in 2013. 

As of 2015 Doud, the Beacon and Trapp are the three main bloggers for the site. We are open to having guest bloggers as well as guests join on us when we do our podcasts. 

We really appreciate those who visit the site and read our posts. We hope that the people that read these posts find them funny as well as insightful about the sport. Thank you very much. 

For more information or any questions regarding Beer League Beauts visit the ‘Contact’ section above to find Doud, the Beacon and Trapp’s information.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Your site sucks. Re think your lives

    Get it

  2. Do you guys have a blogroll or any interest in starting one? I write for http://www.thefarmclub.net and we would be interested in a link swap.

    Let me know if you’re interested.


  3. Ideally, we’d add you guys to our “friends of the farm club” page as well as to our RSS feed. We would like something similar in return — an RSS feed, a blogroll, etc.

    If that’s something we can work out, email me at rwomeldorf@thefarmclub.net and we can get details hashed.


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